Muay Thai in Thailand part 2

Part 2 of a series where I will review different Muay Thai training camps in Thailand.

Click here to view part 1 of the series where i also discuss some general info about training Muay Thai in Thailand.

 Next up is one of my favorites:

 Patong boxing gym

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 General info

 This camp is also located on the Island of Phuket. Just outside of Patong on Karon cliff. And as the word cliff may predict, the camp has a more then fantastic view. The camp has 2 Muay Thai rings and room for approximately 20 foreigners at the same time. In the ring area there is some fitness equipment. Enough for a good workout but don't expect an entire gym. They have a shop with all the gear you need and a lot of custom Muay Thai shorts. They have moved to this location only for about six months so everything is brand new. The rooms are decent, everything you need with air-conditioning, a fridge, a television, wifi(in your room you have connection) and your own small bathroom. The prices (which I will review later) have been raised but this is also because they now have a swimming pool and a sauna that you can use without further cost. There is a restaurant but it's from a beautiful resort across the road you could use their buffet for 300 Thai bath. Or you could just stay at their resort for some more luxury and just pay for training at PBG. The camp is close to Patong if you rent a scooter - which is a lot of fun on Phuket - it should take you 5 - 10 minutes to ride downtown where you have a lot of nightlife, a cinema and all sorts of other fun stuff.


This camp is a lot smaller then the one I reviewed earlier: Tiger Muay Thai. So instead of having an entire staff. PBG has a handyman. If you have any sort of problem you can contact him and he will do anything to help. The staff is wonderful and really seem to care. Before you start your trip to PBG make sure you write down the address and print out the little map on their website. Because in Thailand if you ask a taxi driver if he knows a place, he will always say something like ''yes I know my friend''. While actually he doesn't have a clue. Anything to get you in his taxi. Besides that, In Patong there is a stadium called: Patong boxing stadium. So a lot of times they will mistake the stadium for PBG.


The training

 At Patong boxing gym they say you get private training all the time. And they live up to that promise. There usually is about eight thai trainers in the camp, and if your lucky just as much foreigners. So once you arrive they basically set you up with a trainer. This trainer will do your pad work and pretty much everything else. If you want to switch trainers it's no problem. I had three different trainers while I was there since everyone has their own style and I like to try as much as possible. My favorites were Tawatchai and Ming. Tawatchai has amazing technique and a lot of talent, which he blew for some reason. Ming is the head trainer of the camp and he just won't leave you alone. The more tired you are the more he will counter your strikes even on the pads. Some trainers are better then others so don't be scared to say what you want. About five of the trainers still fight themselves so you will be doing their fight preparation with them, which is pretty cool. The camp has it's own local stadium where it hosts fight nights about every week or so. So if your interested in fighting a Muay Thai match, this is possible at PBG. 

The camp brings a really nice atmosphere. If you stay there for a month or more the trainers will start to feel like family. I usually stayed a bit after the training in the afternoon to talk to them or watch Muay Thai fights on the television. And they invited me to eat with them a lot of times. They do trick you giving you the spiciest food they have and then laugh when you are begging for water. But that's good fun.

I can only think of 2 negatives about the training at this camp. One is that they don't really push you. During training they will. But if you don't feel like training because you had a few beers on Bangla road the night before no one will ask questions or knock your door down. Or if you do pad work for two rounds and feel tired and say you've had enough they will respond with ''ok''. So your gonna need some self-discipline. If you show them you have a good amount of discipline they will say your good and ask if you want to have a fight. They will prepare you and make sure you will win. So I guess it comes from both sides. The other is that during sparring they wouldn't go hard because they were afraid of injuries. Back home at my gym on wednesdays(meatloaf day) we go at it. I really missed that here. I understand that they are afraid of injuries but if you are an experienced fighter you can go hard and still be in control of your actions. Apart from those two things I can only name positives. This is the camp where i improved the most simply because the trainers cared the most. If a trainer does not care about you (which is more likely to happen in the larger camps) there will not be a lot of improvement. 



Like I said before the prices have gone up. But that is because they now have a swimming pool and a sauna you can use without any further cost.

 I like to take a monthly price rate, since I consider a month a period of time to really learn something. And get the real experience of the camp your staying in.

 They offer a package which includes:

 2 trainings a day, 5 days a week (sundays off).

Apartment for a month with wifi, a kingsize bed, fridge, cable television and private bathroom.

 They charge 30.000 bath (951$) for the package. With an option to share a room with someone which makes the price per person 20.000 bath (634$)

 I think this is pretty expensive, considering you still have to eat next to this. but they do offer you private training day in day out. So my advice to you is to find a friend and use the share a room package. 

Patong centre is pretty close so getting cheap (delicious) food at the local market is no problem.

 I think the private training and the trainers that care about you really is the thing that sets this camp apart.

 For more information check out their website at:


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(Headtrainer Ming)


 In the next part i will do a review about Superpro Samui

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