Are you looking for a pair of rubber boots that will not only keep you dry, but also keep you warm? If you are like me you insist upon the highest quality boots that are on the market. Muck Boots makes a complete line of waterproof and insulated rubber boots that will keep you both dry and warm.

Being in Alaska, it is very important to have a pair of high-quality rubber boots. Most of the land once you get away from Anchorage is coated with a layer of uneven ground with about 6 inches of standing water and mud.

The biggest problem with most rubber boots is that the wearer's feet will sweat all day long. Muck uses a removable 6MM Nitracel sock liner that is designed to wick away water from your skin. This makes these boots both breathable and comfortable.

Another problem with rubber boots is that they tear when the wearer is attempting to take them on and off. Muck boots uses a CR foam bootie that is coupled with a 10 MM kick rim. This makes these boots both sturdy and durable.

Another feature I enjoy about Muck is that their boots are like miniature neoprene waders. The neoprene is much easier to walk around in than traditional rubber boots.

Arctic Pro Line of Boots:

These boots have a comfort range of -60 F to 40 F. They have a double reinforced heels, instep and Achilles areas, as well as a reinforced toe. The upper area has what is called "stretch fit," that form fits to your leg, which keeps warmth in and cold and water out.

Edgewater Hi:

These boots are more of a warmer weather oriented but they are designed to withstand sub-freezing temperatures as well. The top of the uppers stretches to form fit around your calf. the outsole wraps around the entire perimeter of the boot. this provides the wearer with protection in rough terrain.


This is the camo version of the Edgewater Hi. It comes in Mossy Oak breakup.


The wetland line of Muck Boots has a comfort range of -20F to 70F. This boot also has a stretch material at the top of the uppers. The outsole of this boot has very rugged tread, making it possible to walk in muddy wetlands.

Woody Armor:

This is the camo version of the Wetland Boot.

Woody Elite:

This cold weather boot has a comfort range of -40F to 60F and sports Mossy Oak Breakup camo. This boot also uses Inscentible scent masking technology, making it perfect for bow hunters. these boots have also been given an antimicrobial treatment to prevent odor causing bacteria.

Woody EX Pro:

This is the Woody Elite with a reinforced shin guard. This makes these boots very rugged and durable.

Woody Sport:

This is the Woody Elite with a different outsole.

Chore Pro:

These boots have a comfort range of sub-zero to 85 F. This is a seamless, high rubber boot that was specifically designed for farm chores.

Muckmaster Hi:

These boots have a comfort range of -20F to 70F. These are similar to the Chore Pro, but have a foam upper.

Muck Boot Company makes a complete line of premium rubber boots. These boots are uses by waterfowl hunters, bow hunters, farmers and other people who have to or enjoy tromping through the mud and water.

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