All-terrain vehicle tires or ATV tires are specifically manufactured to encounter the varied types of terrains in the country side or the off-road terrains. For example, ATV mud tires are designed to encounter the muddy conditions, often found in the hilly regions or the country side. The ATV mud tires are used in vehicles to provide firm grip to the tires in the muddy conditions.

ATV tires are manufactured for various purposes. For example, there are ATV tires that are designed to encounter the problems of the mud, sand, or even snow. All these types of tires have different tires so as to be able to encounter different obstacles while driving. A mud tire is designed to have wide-spaced treads that are irregular. The tire is designed in this manner to provide maximum grip to the tire in the muddy conditions. N example of the mud tires that performs well in providing a good grip to the tires in the muddy conditions is the mud king tire and one of the companies that manufacture mud king tires is Cavalier.

Different types of mud tires are manufactures by various companies spread across the world. They rates of the mud tyres vary according to the size of tires. The rates of these mud tyres also depend a lot on the manufacturer, the quality and the region where it is marketed and sold. There are cheap mud tires available either during the sales or in the form of used mud tyres.

There are many companies that announce sales on annual or bi-annual basis. They launch the sales to promote the brand of the company as well as to increase the sales for the company. The sales of the tires are one of the major revenue generators for all the manufactures of the tires. The organization of a sale event also helps the company in promoting the brand, that is, the companies try to achieve maximum market penetration for them. There is a dedicated department in most of the companies today that concentrate on making the strategies and implementing them to contribute to the revenue generation process of the company. On the other hand, the marketing department also conducts extensive research to get a deeper insight into the public mind and find out the likes and dislikes of the general public. The results of the research often become the basis of the new product and services that are being launched constantly by the mud tire companies.

Types of ATV Tires

Most of the ATV tires are manufactured for four wheelers. In earlier times, there were ATV tires for some three wheelers as well. The manufacturers of three wheeled trikes faced some problems for a while due to the safety concerns raised by many groups across various regions. Today, the three wheeled trikes have again become one of the most popular models among the people who like to experiment with greater maneuverability. A general description of the ATV tires involves large, chunky, and wide-profiled tires that are designed to perform well in varied off road conditions.

There are general purpose ATV tires that can be used in any terrain, and perform well in varied conditions. One of the commonly used ATV tires is the mud tires. There are different types of mud tires designed specifically to perform in the muddy conditions. The mud tires have wide-spaced treads that have irregular treads. There are wide spaces between the treads that allow maximum grip to the tires in the mud. These tires perform well in muddy conditions but may be good performers when used dry trail conditions.

Similarly, there are ATV tires that are specifically designed to perform well in sands. If you like sand dunes, use this type of ATV tires for your vehicles. These tires have a smooth surface and designed to look like balloons. There are only a few raised treads that run horizontally across the surface of the tire. The horizontal treads are there to enable the tires to paddle in the sandy terrains. The sand tires perform well in the sandy terrains but they fail to have a grip on the roads of other types of terrains. These types of tires are generally used in the bikes.

There are ATV tires for the snow areas as well. The ATV snow tires are also designed to have smooth surface with wide spaces between the treads. These tires also have horizontal treads and the pattern of the treads on the tire resembles a snow chain. The snow tires are designed to have a firm grip even in reverse. They can be used only in the snowy terrains.

There are ATV mud tires that are designed specifically for the sport of racing. These tires have wide-profiles treads that are small in size and square in shape. The ATV tires are also designed for the purpose of trail riding.