We've all been to that shady block, street, town, city or country where the gut feeling cannot be ignored. Perhaps, even, you've not listened to this feeling and consequently got smacked, punched, or tripped and told to give up your wallet, belongings or clothes. Unfortunately, there is crime all over the world, but some places have more crime than others. You increase your odds tenfold by visiting these places, especially at night, wearing your best clothes and jewelry. If by some twisted reason you'd like to get mugged—or wish to avoid it at all costs—visit (or stay away) from these next spots, where murder in general, and crime in particular, occur more frequently than not.

Columbia: The best country to get a side of murder with your mugging is Columbia. With .6178 murders per 1000 people, your chances of pissing off a bandit and paying with more than your wallet (your life) are very high indeed. However, the number one most likely place to get mugged is still not in Columbia, which steadily holds the number 13 spot for the greatest number of crimes per capita in the world.

Turkey: Turkey's crime rate is much higher than Columbia's, but your chances of getting pin-cushioned with shrapnel are significantly lower. Turkey, by some good news, isn't even in the top fifty places to get murdered. However, it is the number two spot in the world where getting jacked might be part of your evening walk, with just over 306,000 per year (barely a 1/3 of the total crime in the number one crime filled country).

Number five on the list, believe it or not, is not a third-world country (should we say resource poor?) at all. The fifth most crime-ridden country in the world is the UK. The UK has almost 55,000 crimes per year, quite a bit lower than Turkey, yes, but just 1/20th of the crime in our top place to get mugged.

Number five on the most murdered list might very well be guess-able. Think money, alcohol and the mob—the trio behind any good homicidal country. Yep, you got it—Russia. In Russia, your chances of turning stiff are .2015 per 1000 people. Interestingly enough, Russia isn't even on the top 50 charts for crime. According to the stats, in Russia, people just knock off each other and don't care how much money is in their wallet.

You now know the best spots to holiday should you have a hankering for a purse snatching. We still haven't told you the best place to visit to get mugged, but the top ten list includes, Spain, Egypt, Cyprus, France, Poland, Romania, and Germany. Even if you combine number 2 through number 10, the number 1 top place to get mugged has more crime.

The number one best place to get mugged while on vacation is an "English" speaking country. Additionally, it is a place that people visit often for culture, arts, festivals and the like. And, no, it's not the US of A, either—give them a break for once! The number one best place to get mugged while on vacation (or at least suffer some crime) with 1,163, 450 criminal events each year isthe onethe onlyIndia. You better not have read ahead or you just ruined the surprise ending! Shame on you. Yes, India has more crime than all the top ten crime filled countries combined. Luckily, though, the chance of getting iced over for a few measly bucks doesn't even put India in the top 50 countries. Though it is number one, it may also be the best place, if ever, to question the muggerbut I wouldn't recommend it.