As the name suggests, Mulberry tea is derived from the leaves of Mulberry plant. The leaves are light green in color and are available in wide variety of sizes. Since over five thousand years, the plant has been used as medicine in China and Japan. People of Laos are very fond of Mulberry tea. The berries are also available in different colors such as white, red and black in color. The berries are very tasty and are a good source of essential nutrients. Even the leaves of the plant has are consumed largely by people. Some prefer to use it as a vegetable whereas many others prefer to prepare tea from it.

The tea prepared from mulberry leaves stops the absorption of sugars. Hence, this tea is very important for people who suffer from diabetes. An experiment was conducted to check how effective was mulberry leaves in treating diabetes. In the experiment, the rats that suffered from Type 2 diabetes were administered a solution prepared from mulberry leaves. It was found that the solution was able to bring about reduction of glucose. Hence, many doctors’ advice patients who suffer from diabetes to drink mulberry tea as it do not have any side-effects.

The mulberry tea is also a very rich source of antioxidants. It contains many essential nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, etc. Since it has got plenty of nutrients, it can bolster your immune system. Hence, by drinking mulberry tea regularly, you can make your immune system strong so that you do not become to diseases easily.

Consumption of cholesterol can cause blocking of blood vessels and this can make you easily suffer from heart diseases. When you drink the mulberry tea, it brings down the oxidization of cholesterol and thereby considerably reduces the risk of blocked blood vessels. The oxidization of cholesterol is brought about two well-known antioxidants called quercetin and flavanoids that is present in the mulberry leaves. In order to have healthy blood vessels, you should make it a habit to drink mulberry tea daily.

A component present in mulberry leaves called moranoline can stop the absorption of carbohydrates. When you eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates like bread, rice, etc, it can quickly add fats to your body. However, when you drink the mulberry tea, you can ensure that the carbohydrates are not converted to glucose and are eliminated from your body. Since it brings down the level of glucose, you will not feel hungry easily and you won’t feel like eating frequently. Hence, consumption of mulberry tea is a very simple of achieving weight loss.

Mulberry tea has got plenty of other health benefits such as it helps in treating various kinds of health problems like common cold, cough, sore throat, fever, etc. If you suffer from constipation, you can have the mulberry tea to normalize your bowel movements. Even though scientists have not given proper evidence that the mulberry tea can stop multiplication of carcinoma cells, health experts believe that anthocyanins which are one of the components of mulberry tea can stop carcinoma cells from multiplying. Hence, many health experts recommend cancer patients to drink mulberry tea regularly.

Mulberry tea is available in two types, white and green tea. Both tea have the same health benefits. When you add this tea to your diet and have it regularly, you will be able to reap its health benefits. Even though mulberry tea consumption has no side-effects, you should consult with your doctor prior to treating any health condition through mulberry tea. To cure any disease, you should not entirely depend on the mulberry tea but you should take the right medicines to cure your disease.