Mulching mowers can normally be used as a regular lawnmower, a bagging mower, or as a mulching mower. There are times when all types are needed, and having all of them in one can be handy. Mowing the lawn doesn't have to be a big deal if you have the right equipment.

One reason to use a mulching mower is the lack of any grass clippings to dispose of. Many people don’t have the space or desire to compost their grass clippings and having them magically disappear is a perk. It is pretty hard on the environment to send perfectly good organic matter off to the dump. A mulching mower turns that unsightly and unwanted mass of clippings into small particles that are almost invisible. This feeds the lawn, helps the environment, and saves water.

If you do have a compost pile you can attach the bag to a mulching mower and catch the grass clippings and use them in your compost pile or as regular landscaping mulch. There are other reasons to catch grass clipping but that’s two.

A large area of overgrown weeds and grass is a lot of trouble to mulch or bag. This is when you turn your fancy mulching lawn mower into a regular old mower that shoots the cut grass out the side. Trying to cut vegetation that is too high via a mulching or bagging mower is very inefficient. You mower will die and your bag will get full too often. It’s frustrating to keep starting the lawn mower or emptying the bag.

You can get a decent mower for not a whole lot of money. Most cheap mulching lawn mowers run are about $200. The price will go up according to how many functions you want your lawn mower to have. If you decide to wait until the end of the season you can find a clearance lawn mower and save even more money. Just keep an eye on the lawn and garden section of your favorite store and when they go on sale snag one.

Mulching lawn mowers are great things to have.