Accompanying the continual evolution of the internet has been quite a few Multi-Level Marketing opportunities that many people have found particularly appealing. More commonly known simply as "MLM", this particular strategy has been employed by numerous companies as a part of their overall marketing campaign strategy. Inherent to its structure is an extremely incentivized payment plan that many people can't help by find very lucrative. Chances are that, if you are familiar with Multi-Level Marketing, you may have already taken a shot at being successful with MLM opportunities. While some people do extremely well because of a delicate synthesis of passion, dedication, and a hint of creativity, others are often left to deem it a 'scam' because they are simply unable to make any headway in an increasingly competitive program.

In the first article of her series "How True is This Statement: 95% Fail in MLM-Part 1", fellow Info Barrel member, Kay81, speaks specifically about how the immediate appeal of a Multi-level Marketing opportunity can elicit blinders, of sort, on whoever is considering becoming involved. By this, I mean that people may refuse to ask themselves many important questions before they decide to commit themselves entirely to a program that may, or may not, actually be a perfect match to who they are as an individual and as an entrepreneur. Such pertinent questions, as Kay81 conveys, are the very ones that should be asked immediately prior to even considering becoming involved in any new MLM opportunity:

How Old is the MLM Company?
Does it Still have the potential for wealth creation or is the potential for wealth creation gone?
What is their compensation plan like?
Does it only favor the Big Guys and allow the small guys to labor for peanuts?
Does its product have a place in the market?
Do they have plans for future expansion?
How do they plan on financing any potential future expansion?

These are many pertinent questions that Kay81 proposes in her Info Barrel articles and, while they can actually be answered with great detail, the do provide a solid basis of consideration for those who are contemplating getting involved in any Multi-level Marketing campaign. While, the truth is, most companies do present a 'viable' opportunity for those at lower levels to create wealth for themselves, any one opportunity certainly has the potential to become really quite saturated over time. When contemplating getting involved in an MLM opportunity, you should do whatever you can to get an adequate guage of just how 'saturated' market currently is. Without effective research, prior to beginning, one may be destined to spend hours of futile labor and time trying to accomplish a feet that is nearly impossible in their daily pursuit of greater wealth.

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