If you decide to buy a water filtration system, most of the time, you end up with two consistent results on the search engines: Multi Pure and Aquasana. Both of them are popular, but to choose which is best will mean going beyond popularity. Get to know more about the two brands to ensure which is best to buy.

Multi Pure

All filters from Multi Pure are NSF certified. NSF is one of the highest rated certification agencies, and they do provide great results for Multi Pure filters, especially on Chlorine and Lead Removal, as well as Health Contaminant Removal. According to the results, the filters remove the most contaminants, as compared to other filtration systems in the market. Aside from the contaminants already mentioned, the filters also remove cysts, turbidity, mercury, PCBs, toxaphene, VOCs, asbestos, and MTBE. The filters are also certified by the State of California.

As to performance, the filter cartridge can provide as much as 750 gallons of pure, clean water at a rate of 0.75 gallon/minute of water flow. This ensures that you get healthy water at anytime for drinking, cleaning, and even watering your plants. It is recommended that you change filters once a year. Each filter costs $66.45 (as of 2012), which is subject to change depending on inflation.

The quality of the filters is top-notch. You have the option to choose between high-impact and non-reactive plastic or stainless steel. Most people usually choose stainless steel, but if it works for you, you have the option to choose plastic instead. All filters have a 90-day guarantee and a lifetime housing warranty included, in case there are problems with the filter housing.

The only downside about Multi Pure is its price. Due to the high quality of the filters and their housing materials, they are slightly more expensive than other water filters in the market. Nonetheless, you can get better deals through coupons and special discount offers. 


Sun Water Systems offers another interesting water filtration system that uses carbon block technology. As of 2012, they are certified by the State of California and NSF. However, they only have certification for their AQ-4000 model, which makes it difficult to ascertain the quality of their other products. According to test results, their filtration system reduces contaminants including cysts, MTBEs, VOCs, chlorine, and lead. The filters do not reduce asbestos, mercury, turbidity, chlordane, and toxaphene though.

As to performance, the filters can provide as much as 500 gallons of clean water at a rate of 0.5 gallon/minute of water flow. It is relatively slower than Multi Pure, but it is generally cheaper in price. However, you need to replace the filters twice every year, which makes it more expensive in the long run. As of 2012, each filter costs $50.99 at discounted price, which means you have to invest around $100 a year for filter maintenance, including a 60 day guarantee for each filter.

Final Word

Both Multi Pure and Aquasana are considered as the two best options for water filtration according to Consumer's Digest. While Multi Pure does provide excellent water filtration, Aquasana is not that bad as well.