The Fein Multimaster is a very nice, useful tool, but it would be nothing without its accessories, just as a drill would be nothing without a bit. Some Multimaster kits come with accessories and, if the accessories will be used, such kits are certainly a better bargain than buying all of the Multimaster accessories separately.

The smallest kit that can be had is the aptly named Fein Multimaster Start. This is a great kit for those who want a Multimaster tool simply because they like tools, or are planning on doing some home improvement projects here and there. Even this kit comes with the Universal 29mm E-CUT saw blade, the sanding pad that uses Velcro to attach the sheets, sanding sheets in 60, 80, 120, and 180 grit, and a rigid scraper blade. There is only one downside to the Start kit, and it's a big one. This kit does not come with the Fein Multimaster 250Q; instead, it comes with the Multimaster 250. This tool does not have the quick attach and release mechanism for the Multimaster accessories that, in my opinion, truly makes this an extremely convenient tool. Unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will not use anything in any of the other kits at any point, it's best to leave this one alone and look at the higher end packages.

The Multimaster Select makes a good choice for just about anyone, and it does come with the 250Q. It includes all of the Multimaster accessories that the Start has, and adds a carbide-tip segment saw blade as well as a HSS segment saw blade. Personally, I would spring for the Select just to get the 250Q, but anyone planning to do any cutting or grout removal will certainly enjoy the addition of the saw blades as well.

The largest, most expensive kit, the Fein Multimaster 250Q Top, is definitely the best bargain if you plan to use the extra accessories. In addition to everything in the Select, it also includes a sanding set, which is much more comprehensive than the few pads that come with the other packages, a triangular carbide rasp, and a dust extractor that you can use with your vacuum cleaner. It is also the only kit that comes with a carrying case which, in my opinion, makes it worth the purchase alone.

All of the accessories for the Multimaster are expensive purchased separately. However, some blades and a few other accessories can be purchased in bulk or from third party vendors to save some money. But, the best tip is to make sure you get the kit that has all of the accessories you need when you purchase the tool.