Among the many other attachments available for the Fein Multimaster, there are five different types of blades. Using Multimaster blades is great because there is no need for an extra tool. As long as the Multimaster tool itself is handy, the blades can just be carried along in a tool belt. There are two main types of Multimaster blades: cutting blades, and scraping blades, as well as Teak blades in a few different sizes.

For cutting, Fein provides a blade with a convex cutting edge, and one with a concave edge. The convex blade is for cutting harder materials, such as wire mesh, linoleum, or leather. The concave blade are for cutting softer materials; pretty much anything that is typically rolled up, such as cardboard tubing, flooring on the roll, or polystyrene foam. Both of these types of blades for the Multimaster are extremely useful for all kinds of odd cutting jobs. Once you have the tool, you will find yourself using it for all sorts of things you never even thought of before you owned a Multimaster.

Fein also offers both rigid and flexible scraper blade attachments. The flexible scraper blade is best for weaker, more irritating substances, such as stickers or adhesive, and with a gentle hand does a great job at not harming the surface of whatever it is you are scraping. The rigid Multimaster blade works well when scraping old caulking that has hardened, as well as anything else hard that you may want to scrape. It is not intended to be replaced when it has dulled; rather, Fein states that the blade can be re-sharpened.

Teak Multimaster blades are more of a specialty item. They are specially made to remove caulking between deck boards. Fein offers these in sizes from 3mm to 5mm.

If you own a Multimaster already, but it is one of the older models without the quick-change feature for blades and accessories, and would like to experience the quick mounting and release of the new system when mounting your new blade attachments, there is an adapter available. The adapter is not inexpensive, but it is certainly less than buying a new tool, and it will save some serious time if you use the Multimaster tool frequently.

Before buying your new Multimaster blades, you should take a look at the various kits that are offered by Fein, which may save you a ton of money in the long run. Their accessory kits are geared toward various specific classes of jobs, such as sanding, working with wood, or working with tile, and include every type of attachment you are likely to need when doing those jobs at a much lower cost than if you were to buy the attachments separately.