A Good Ole Tool Store


A man does not shop for a new power tool. He hunts for it. Women are more adept at shopping. The female gender’s brain has the ability to process a greater variety of data than we can ever hope to handle. That’s why she can watch television and talk with you at the same time. Gentlemen, we get in trouble every time we try to process a first down and her idea of a new paint color for the ceiling. Most of us just cannot do it, but we are still the great hunter. A one-track mind is actually very effective when tracking prey.


I know many of you do your hunting by aiming a mouse and then waiting for the little brown truck to retrieve your kill, but there is just something therapeutic about walking into a good ole tool store. They do know your name and they do know your favorite brand. You can’t wait to see the latest and greatest. Sounds and smells take you back to maybe your grandfather’s shop. He had real tools and knew how to use them. Your friend behind the counter can guide you to the real tools of today and even set you up with a little training.


A good relationship with your local dealer can be important when new tools hit the market. The oscillating tools have started showing up on a lot of shelves since the patent expired on Fein’s Multimaster. Many of the dealers who have carried the Multimaster have learned over the years that oscillating tools are a world unto themselves. The motion is totally different from other tools, the technique is different, and the accessories are really different. It is not always self-explanatory how the tool works or which accessory  should be used for  certain applications. This is when it is nice to be able to talk with someone face to face.


Walk into the Tool Shed, Greenville, SC and the old wooden floors become your welcome mat. Advice is readily available from a staff who know about oscillating tools and the customers who use them. Go through the door at Tools Plus, Wilmington, NC and you have a tendency to pause for a moment as you ask yourself, “How did they get so many tools into such a small store?”  Any power tool, big or small can be found at Mann Tools in West Columbia, SC. The smell of wood greets you at Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop. You can actually get a competition throwing axe at Highland Hardware in Atlanta. Little Hardware in Charlotte just gives you the feeling that whatever it is you need, they have will have it. There are many others, these just happen to be a little unique. Some, such as Woodcraft stores will be much the same in appearance. It is after you get to know the people that you pick up on the local flavor.


The Good Ole Tool store can help you get the tool you want now, and be there to help as you enjoy the tool in the future. Somewhere in your town there is a place where they do know your name, and they will have a new tool waiting. So, be it therapy or addiction, enjoy your next foray into the local tool emporium.


Master of the Multimaster