If you don't like reading fawning reviews, you might just skip this one because we found very little not to like about the Fein Multimaster. The Multimaster is a great tool, especially if you do a lot of self home improvement. It is capable of doing a lot of the jobs that generally leave you thinking, "I know there is a tool for this, I just don't know what it's called or where to find it." There are also quite a few more mundane tasks that you will find yourself using the Multimaster for simply because it is convenient and can make short work of many jobs.

There are several different packages to be had that include the Multimaster tool, from starter packages that include a few attachments to comprehensive packages that include a wide array. The tool can be purchased by itself as well, though the beauty of the Multimaster tool certainly lies in the various tasks it can perform with its myriad attachments. Attachments can also be purchased on an individual basis, which is great for those who use the Multimaster for only a few purposes. The vast majority of people who purchase the Fein Multimaster, though, will use it for many different things.

With the appropriate attachments, this tool can be used for sanding, scraping, lifting, or cutting just about anything from linoleum to tile to aluminum. It is about the size of a power screwdriver, which means it's big enough to get a good, two handed grip on, but small enough to carry around on a tool belt. Its size is especially useful in tight corners. It is plenty powerful for whatever you ask of it with a 250-watt motor that is capable of 12,000 to 21,000 oscillations per minute. And, although the Multimaster tool is incredibly smooth to work with (this is where craftsmanship shows brightly), you will still be very glad that it is big enough for that two handed grip when you need to apply some extra force.

Though not battery powered, the Multimaster does have a 16.4 foot cord, which was plenty long for my garage. Changing attachments is easy; there are no extra tools required as it uses a hand operated clamping quick-change mechanism.

Even the attachments themselves are top quality. Sanding and scraping attachments are available in a wide variety of grains and sizes, and the blades of the cutting attachments can be re-sharpened.

Although the Fein Multimaster is a bit pricey, like most Fein Tools, it just may save money in the long run since it can fill the role of so many tools. If nothing else, it definitely saves me a lot of time.