I cannot think of a time throughout history where there has not been an advancement in the storage of our "stuff". Mankind has long had a fascination with saving the smallest of our treasures from damage and loss. Jewelry, personal grooming objects such as brushes, combs, and makeup, and even money has long had a need for our protection and organization.

While the advent of the "junk drawer" has often been the age old fall back for many of these needs, the modern world has developed the perfect solution for our high tech organizational needs, multimedia storage units.

Jewelry cases and safes for our cash have continued to evolve, and our newest need, to protect or digital media, has been no different. Entertainment and data storage has progressed at the same pace, if not faster, than all of the other storage solutions. It does not matter if you are a fan of hooks, latches, glass doors, or double bolt locks, Multimedia storage units have incorporated the very best of our storage solution advancements into their making and use.

Manufacturers are well aware of the specific demands that people have when it comes to their media storage needs, as well as individual consumer desires, and are doing their best to incorporate such into their designs. The main reason for such scrutiny of detail is the immense market that multimedia storage cabinets and devices present. The growing use of digital devices, and the shear volume of new devices that come to market every year keep multimedia storage solution providers constantly improving their products as well as growing competition in the industry.

Box stores and international department store chain are devoting entire sections of their floor space to the use of the multimedia storage tower, cabinet and other units. Everything from notebook size CD containers, to full size wall units to hold both media and the devices that use it are fast becoming a multi billion dollar industry, and far from being a passing fad, the trend is growing with no sight of slowing down. This is a good thing for media consumers, as the variety of selection, as well as the quality of craftsmanship continues to climb, as prices fall. There is no longer a need to keep your DVDs and other media in a box, desk drawer, or scattered throughout the home. With the use of multimedia storage units, the days of digging through the "junk drawer" for your favorite movie are over forever.