Backlink Up To 20 URL

With Relevancy

Attention Attention All Article Writers!

I found a website that allows you to create backlinks to your Infobarrel articles, blogs, websites, videos using a 100% Revenue Sharing Website.  It's uniqueness is genius.  I feel what's so unique is that when you use it to create backlinks to your articles, blogs, websites and videos, the website allows you to list up to twenty URLs within one Top.  You might be asking yourself what exactly is a Top.  I'm here to explain it to you.

When you create a Top, the first thing you decide is what the topic of the Top will be.  You then view over my articles, blogs, websites and videos to which ones share relevancy.  Here's an example. I created a Top about phrases and words that sell and the title of the Top is Phrases and Words To Help Advertise.  I wrote a few articles a while back and the titles of the articles are; Verb Words Help Sell, Phrases and Words That Sell Part-One and Phrases and Words That Sell Part-Two.  As you can see the articles I chose have relevancy to each other and articles compliment each other.

When you decide to create a Top, keep in mind when you create a Top you are actually creating a backlink to twenty of your relevant articles, blogs, websites and videos. When creating a Top the minimum is three and the maximum is twenty.


Under About This Top do the following.

  1. Number of items in this Top
  2. Top's Title
  3. Introduction
  4. Conclusion
  5. Category
  6. Keywords/Tags
  7. Choose ad size for Google Adsense Block

When you reach the section where you submit into the field Top number one, this is where you place the first URL you want to backlink.  I like to place the URL into the URL field first then I submit the Title then the Description of the article. 

The man who created this wonderful website for article writers to create backlinks is James Colin. James Colin is the creator of In my opinion this man is a genius. When I created my first Top and went through the motions to learn how to use the Best-Reviewer platform, I was blown away.  Using his website as a way to create backlinks in my opinion makes backlinking fun again. Creating backlinks using his website platform is challenging at first but makes you take a good look at all of the articles, blogs, websites and videos you created.

I created an Instructional video to help you learn how to use the Best-Reviewer.  It's easier to learn with the help of visually watching how to create a Top.


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