Every one know PSP is a very powerful portable multimedia device that hit the world by storm, the PSP popularity even increased with home brew games and application available in the internet.All of this for 1 requirement, you must have a firmware version 1.5 to be able to run home brew applications.This means that if you have a PSP with an older firmware version (below 3.02), then you would not be able to play these games.

But for latest games release, you need to upgrade your PSP firmware version 3.02 above in order to allow you play these games.Take note that you not able to play home brew games with the firmware version 1.05.How to make your PSP capable to play home brew downloaded games as well as most recent PSP games?

Thankfully for PSP embreded technology, a solution that came out that enable you to turn on multiple firmware install in one PSP console.There is a software called devhook that allows you to do it. Devhook is a application for the PSP that allows the user to emulate firmware up to 3.11 This application will allow users to have the newest features of the home brew locked firmwares and the ability to run new games, without having to flash a different firmware to the PSP.

This application enable your psp mount ISO and compress CSO images that are stored on a PSP memory stick. So you would not need to move around with several UMD's since you will be able to store games on your PSP memory sticks and play them directly from there. Another exciting feature of the Devhook application is the ability to run games directly from your PC using a USB cable.

Although it can be more hassle to set up than custom firmware, the risks of bricking are lower, it's very easy to undo, and you can have multiple firmware versions installed at once, allowing you to choose the one you want for any given task. It is down loadable in the internet and if you're
planning to use them on your psp, there are also a lot of resources and guides available in the internet. Here is one of the recommended guide that provide step by step detail PSP video guide that show you how to setup multiple ways to discover your PSP hidden performance and cool feature.