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What possible connection is there between multiple sclerosis and lower back pain?

Can lower back pain mean that you are suffering from symptoms of multiple sclerosis?

Back pain is one of the most common afflictions one suffers. Almost everybody goes through it at some time in his life. It could be the result of multiple reasons, like stress to the back, sudden movements and an abnormal posture while sitting or sleeping could all cause back pain. However, if you have multiple sclerosis, you may have back pain sooner or later.

When the myelin sheath that protects the nerves is damaged, multiple sclerosis can be the culprit. The impulse in the nerves can slow down or they stop after the disease has taken its course. The immune cells that are in the body attack the nervous system and inflammation is the consequence. This damages the nerves. This may happen in the spine, brain or optic nerves.

This malady sometimes runs in the family and is also seen to be prevalent in some geographical areas more so than in the other parts. Possible causes include exposure to the sun, bathing in very hot water, stress and sometimes even a fever can cause this condition or make it more acute. It shows up in symptoms all over the body. Lower back pain can definitely cause problems for you if you have multiple sclerosis.

The symptoms vary. A multiple sclerosis patient can find it difficult to balance. There will be spasms or tingling in the lower back. He will not be able to move his arms or legs without pain. Walking may become laborious. Motor activity is affected, thereby making it difficult to conduct simple maneuvers with the hands or legs.

A severe back pain caused by multiple sclerosis is recognized by symptoms like blurred vision, feeling very hot even in mild climates, eyes moving involuntarily, speech slurring and incontinence. It is advised the patients seek immediate medical intervention. If you have back pain not as a result of lifting weights in the wrong way or you have not suffered an injury to the back and there was no sudden sprain of the hips or back, the reason could possibly be multiple sclerosis.

Simple braces for support can be of great assistance for people with lower back pain.  Talk with your local licensed orthotist if you want to find pain relief.