Learn the Ways You Can Detox Your Way Into Spring

Many nutrition companies are claiming to have the supplement, the juice, or the detox program that will fit your needs. "Detox" is quite the buzzword these days and it's important to understand why we need to detox in the first place, so that we may understand how these products intend to work.

First of all the body detoxifies through a number of mechanisms.

1. Liver: The liver filters out blood, it binds up excess hormone with protein, and generally helps to clear out wastes and ready them for excretion from the body. There is Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification which in short, helps to pull the foreign material from body tissues, make it water-soluble, so that it can then be flushed out of the body or dealt with appropriately via antioxidant enzymes like glutathione.

2. Kidney: The kidney also helps flush out toxins via the urine which helps remove toxins that are soluble. Many detoxifying vegetables like asparagus or dandelion greens are natural diuretics which help flush out unwanted toxins and keep them from inflicting damage to tissues by hanging out in the body too long

3. Bowels: Regular bowel movements are important as it's another means of ridding waste from the body. For example estrogens, are conjugated and removed via fecal material. The longer the material is able to sit in the colon, the more estrogen that is unconjugated and sent back into the bloodstream where the liver is forced to conjugate it yet again. Combine this with extra demand on the liver for dealing with alcohol, sugar, or other toxicity issues and you start overcoming capacity.

4. Lungs: The lungs are an often overlooked form of detoxification. Anyone familiar with a breathalyzer test (hopefully not too familiar) will know that alcohol is detoxified partly through your breath. The lungs have an important job of filtering out airborne particles and pathogens.

5. Skin: The skin is the largest organ in the body and serves it right as it's the main protective barrier from the outside environment. Certain chemicals like BPA can be absorbed through the skin, so even handling grocery receipts can be a toxic hazard to your body as it is a form of toxin absorption. The presence of acne is typically hormonally driven due to blood sugar imbalances and dairy consumption as recent research strongly suggests! Rashes are a common sign of food allergy and/or sensitivity and it may be yet another way the body is detoxifying wastes from the body!

Excess toxins are stored in fat to keep them from reacting with other tissues. It's important to recognize this as when these toxins are released, they can actually prevent further weight loss as a protective mechanism. The body has a limited capacity to filter out toxins including natural byproducts from normal metabolism.

Detoxification can be a stress to the body and the "sicker" a person, the more sensitive they will be to the release of harmful compounds. Healthcare providers should be consulted to make sure you're a good candidate and that a program is personalized to you.

Patients of mine who have undergone a detoxification program have generally noted 10 pounds of weight loss, improved skin complexion, better sleep, less mood swings, and more energy. This reflects the widespread effects that toxicity can have on the human body.