Google Adsense is the largest PPC program earning and distributing millions of dollars monthly through its huge advertising network. Normally we think that we can earn through google adsense program just by making our own website or blog and placing google ads on its webpages but it is not the whole truth. One can make money with google adsense in a number of interesting ways other than making his own website. Let's have a look over some best ways of making money with google adsense program.

1- Adsense Search Option

Firstly along with placing google ads, you can also place adsense search block on your website. It will act like a mini search engine to help your website visitors to find their desired content and will ad some extra dollars to your adsense account on each search made through this search block.

2- Use Google FeedBurner

Secondly you can earn through google adsense by incorporating google ads to your feed by using google FeedBurner feature. It will let you make money with google adsense through your feed as well.

3- Make Money with Article Writing

Thirdly you can make money with google ads by writing articles on those websites which pay its writers on the basis of adsense earning generated by ads displayed on their article page. Info Barrel, Hubpages, Bukisa and Google Knol are considered the famous writing forums which pay on the basis of google adsense.

4- Be A YouTube Partner

Fourthly you can make entertaining and interesting YouTube Video and can place your google ads there. More visitors watch your videos, more earning you will make through google adsense. Particularly if youtube is attractive enough to be placed or embedded into various websites by webmaster then it will another positive way to improve your adsense earning through these websites as well.

5- Join Forums

Fifthly forum participation could be another way to make money with google adsense if a forum allows its active members to share a percentage of google adsense revenue. Digital point is one of those forums which not only allow such revenue sharing but also let its member to socialize with its community online.

6- Socialization through Flixya

Sixthly you can join Flixya for making money through google adsense by socialization. On this website you can share videos, photos or even your own blog to get 100% of adsense earning.

So what are you waiting for now, go and apply these important strategies to make money with google adsense in multiple ways.