Are you looking for a fun and educational baseball math multiplication game to teach your kid or teenager better math skills -  a fun way to multiply? As a kid I was not good at learning math but one way I learned quicker was by playing multiplication baseball games. Who likes doing math? It can be so boring and tedious. Since I loved baseball and I loved following my favorite players and their statistics, this really made me actually start to like math! There are several baseball multiplication games on the market that are great to play and there are actually a number of ways you can create your own free games at home.

Why Multiplication Baseball Games?

- I swear this will help kids learn math much, much quicker and easier than doing normal math!

- If they like baseball this is a huge plus (but they don't have to, really). You can practice not only multiplying but adding and subtracting by doing these games. Using MLB logo games is good especially if you child likes watching pro baseball.

- They are inexpensive to buy and will last for a while, until they get older. They will definitely improve your childs math scores fast.

Free Multiplication Games on the Web

First, If you are looking for a free baseball math game on the web, here are some quick suggestions:

- Batter’s Up Baseball Math Game – A live interactive, and fun baseball multiplication game. (

 - Math Baseball at FunBrain - You can pick differently levels you want to play which is useful.

Best Multiplication Baseball Games to Buy for Home

- First, you should consider buying flash cards:

MLB Major League Baseball Multiplication Math Cards

Very easy to use. Each card features one of 30 MLB Team logos on the front of each card, and the respective National League or American League logo on the back of the card. Contains 48 cards in total. 46 Math Flash Cards.

Check it out below.

MLB Math Cards

MLB Major League Baseball Multiplication Flash Cards
Amazon Price: $15.76 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 30, 2016)

LEAPFORG Math Baseball Software

This next product is one of the best rated products on the market today for learning math. Here are some details:

  • Math Baseball teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Combines the fun of sports, games and learning in an entertaining, interactive environment
  • Five skill levels automatically adjust to your child's skill level

Here's how this game works:

- "Players are rewarded when they answer math problems quickly and correctly with their team playing better.

 - Powerful learning game helps with 1st to 3rd grade level math by teaching players to understand zero, recognize numerals, recognize addition and subtraction symbols and understand their functions, identify problem solving strategies, complete problems in nonstandard form, add math facts, subtract math facts, solve addition and subtraction problems, multiply math facts to 9, and divide math facts to 9."

Here’s what some people had to say on Amazon about LEAPFROG Math!

- “This game is pretty brilliant. It has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You first choose if you want a combination or just one. Then you can choose practice or a real game. It works with kids just learning and really challenges those who want to get faster.

  If your up to bat the faster you answer the question determines how good you hit the ball. You answer really fast you might just hit a home run, and it you miss, then of course you strike out.

When your playing out field, you determine how fast you get the other team out by how fast you answer the questions. It's very fun, and easy to learn.”


“This is my 6 year olds favorite Leapster Game (and we have a LOT of them). It's a great tool for teaching them their basic math skills while having fun playing at the same time. I have a 4 year old that also owns a Leapster and this is the game that gets fought over the most because they both want to play it at the same time

I definitely recommend it for a parent looking to get their baseball fan started learning math."

LeapFrog Math Baseball Game

LeapFrog Leapster Math Baseball Software
Amazon Price: $24.99 $19.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 30, 2016)

TiViTz "TiVi" Mental Math Strategy Game

Another Great Math Baseball themed math strategy game you can play at home! This multiplication baseball game has gotten among the best reviews of any math learning product I’ve seen.

  • "For boys and girls 8+, helps kids increase math scores
  • 180 Game combinations for skill levels 3rd-8th Grade
  • Used widely in schools, teacher-approved
  • Sturdy plastic tivits pieces, clear plastic game grid, game sheets and score sheets"

Here what people had to say:

  • “I never thought I would be able to get my kids to practice their math skills. They always told me "math is no fun". But once we brought home Tivitz, everything changed. They say that Tivitz is so fun that they want to get better at math so that they can win more games. The more they play, the better their math skills become.”

Check it out below and search all MLB learning games on Amazon.

Best Mental Math Strategy Game

Baseball Theme TiViTz "TiVi" Mental Math Strategy Game
Amazon Price: $83.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 30, 2016)

Playing Some Math Baseball Games at Home for Free

There are some easy and fat ways you can even make your own baseball multiplication games at home!

- Take out a large piece of paper and write the following questions:

- Add the total of lifetime home runs that Babe Ruth hit, minus the total lifetime home runs that Reggie Jackson hit.

- What is the total when you multiply the number of lifetime hits by Derek Jeter with the number of lifetime hits of Pete Rose?

- What is the amount you get when you subtrat the number of games played by Willie Mays with the number of games played by Mickey Mantle?

- Multiply the number of lifetime home runs hit by Mickey Mantle with the number 10.

You should allow them to look up the numbers online at a site like and give them a 5 minute time limit per question.

These are just a few examples of how you can do this at home.

I hope this article has helped you discover some of the very best Multiplication Baseball Math Games.