Angling for more than one particular fish species can be a saving grace at times. Sometimes the particular fish you are targeting just will not be caught for reasons unknown.  Turning these fishing lemons into lemonade has been something that I have done since my fishing started over 50 years ago. Here are a few techniques that will help you to fool those finned rascals of the water.  These tips will not guarantee you results but the ideas will place odds in your favor a lot more. 

Use Multiple Baits And Lures For More Chances To Succeed

Do you approach a fishing trip with a preconceived notion about which species of fish you are going to catch?  Do you also know what type of bait you will use?  Using a single bait or technique is fine when that particular pattern works.  But what if that method fails you?  Spending all day on the water without catching a fish is not an option if you are anything like me.  You need to come up with a plan B.  When you use multiple baits this will produce results for multiple species of fish.  Do not discount the idea of using bait on one rod.  Then a lure on another rod to increase your chances of catching various kinds of fish.  

Identify What Fish Swim In Your Fishing Area

                                    Black CrappieCredit: Raymond E

Maybe the fact is that only one species lives in the body of water you intend to fish.  If that is true then you know to expect only that kind of fish.  Take the time to identify the species using the area you fish.  If there are carp and crappie in the same area then you could not just use minnows as your bait to catch both species.  It is possible to have a chance of catching both species if using worms.  But for now my mission is to show you how to catch multiple species of fish.

Select The Methods And Baits That You Feel Comfortable Using 

Experimenting with new baits and techniques is not a way that will consistently net you multiple species of fish.  You want to catch fish immediately so the best way to achieve that is by using proven techniques.  If you are comfortable with using a tried and true method for catching a certain fish then use that method.  As an example if you know you can catch catfish on worms where you are fishing then incorporate worms for one of the baits.  You also know bass are in that same body of water.  They like to eat the frogs from there.  Tie a lure to your line that imitates a frog.  This will increase your chances of catching a bass.  So one of the fishing rods is rigged for bottom fishing with a worm for the catfish.  The other rod has the frog imitation tied to the end of the line for the bass.  Now you are prepared to catch both species.      


Carp on CornCredit: Raymond E

Always Be Prepared For Any Situation

Whenever you use multiple baits be prepared for something crazy to happen.  I have had too many times where I have missed opportunities of catching multiple fish.  This happened because I was not focused on my fishing.  There have been times when I have fished for hours without results.  Then within a five minute time period I missed 2 or 3 opportunities to catch fish.  This was because I was not mentally prepared.


Crappie and CarpCredit: Raymond E

I was using corn on one rod and a spinner on another rod and this actually happened to me. I was fortunate enough to catch the pictured crappie on a spinner.  I unhooked the crappie from the one line.  While doing that the line from the other fishing rod started to peel off the reel.  Then after a 7 minute battle I landed the pictured carp on the other rod.  Images were quickly taken and as you can see things went just ducky.  So why not give fishing for more than one species a try.  You may just get hooked more than once!