Mumfie and Me

For parents and children just discovering Mumfie there is a whole range of great tales to learn. In Britt Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie, inspired by the works of artist Katharine Tozer,  Mumfie the special little elephant and his friends, Scarecrow, Pinkey the Flying Pig, Napoleon Jones the French Raven, Whale, and Electric Eel have entertained generations of children in the 1990’s and are now available for a new generation.

 Regardless of where they go and who they help, Mumfie and his pals try to right wrongs, help those in need and to generally save the day by making their homes and their part of the world a better place.

In Mumfie the movie “Mumfie’s Quest”, Mumfie and his pals agree to save a mysterious island and its queen from being taken over by evil.  They also meet pirates and escape.  Mumfie’s sense of being true to friends, to always take the side of good over evil and to help when others are afraid or too timid or think that they cannot help are wonderful stories for children to see.  Kids will learn that being different can be a good thing.  They will learn that when someone goes out of their way to help others that good things do happen.  They will also learn not to be fooled by evil strangers who only try to make trouble between Mumfie and his friends.

Children will learn to trust their instincts and to know who is good and who is not.  One very important lesson they will learn is that it is okay to make new friends and stay kind to their current friends too. The lessons are endless and just as important in value today as they were in the early days of Mumfie’s first appearance on the world’s stage.

Today Mumfie movies for children are being made for DVD and digital downloads so that everyone can enjoy the stories, cheer for the good guys and boo the bad guys no matter where they are.  Magic comes alive in Mumfie’s movies when villains try to darken Pinkey’s island.  With the help of a good Queen and a mystical gem an old cherished dead tree comes back to life and spreads hope and happiness throughout the countryside.

There are so many ways that children can enjoy Mumfie and his friends beyond the kids’ animated movies.  Children can dress up in Mumfie costumes and create their own plays.  They can enjoy singing the Mumfie songs together.  They can have Mumfie birthday parties and make Mumfie cards.  There are Mumfie books for parents to read as bedtime stories and coloring books for great rainy day activities.

Each of Mumfie’s friends has a special talent that they share with each other and learn from each other.  Children can learn some French from Napoleon or some songs from Whale or how to think a problem through from Scarecrow.  Pinkey can teach kids how to use their imagination and Mumfie can teach them that love for family begins the day they were born but friends have to learn to trust each other and to be pals whatever comes along.

Children learn that friends stay with each other when they are sad and they can celebrate with each other when they are happy.  The lessons of being good friends are tireless and there is always a new lesson around the corner.  They will also learn that there may be a new friend just around the corner too.

Morals and personalities are usually formed for life by the age of five.  Children learn about how to be good people when they are very young and those lessons last a lifetime.  Mumfie and his pals have lots of good lessons to share and children can learn them just by watching the animated movies.  The Mumfie and me website also has fun information and activity ideas that kids can enjoy.

The stories in The Magic Adventures of Mumfie can be shared with children and their friends, their parents and their grandparents.  Talking about Mumfie gives adults something to chat about with children and together they can all discover the good citizen message in each story.  The Mumfie and me website is a good place to begin or continue an adventure with great characters which will last forever.