Munchkin is a geek/fantasy card game for 3 - 6 players. Each game will last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on which cards are drawn and used. 

It is a competitive card game, but you can choose to help or 'stitch up' your opponents, defeating monsters on the way! If you are not usually into geeky games, worry not - this is a hilarious game does not require any prior knowledge or role playing!

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The original award winning game by Steve Jackson. Silly, stupid, and without the role-playing stuff!

Don't Forget your Bag of Munchkins!

Bag o' Munchkins (6 Pawns)
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Make sure you remember to get your Bag O' Munchkins - much better than boring round counters to keep your level.

Starting the Game

There are two piles of cards - treasures, which can help you on your way, and 'door' cards so that you can kick the door in and try to find a monster or other helpful cards.

When you get your starting hand, everyone starts as a human. In the beginning, no-one has any class! You may find that you draw a race card and become a dwarf, or elf, which can have advantages. It works the same with class - you could become a thief or a cleric, giving you certain advantages over other players.

You will also get a level card. Everyone starts at Level 1. You may have counters or you might choose to buy little Munchkin figures to move as you gain a level.  The aim of the game is to defeat as many monsters as you can before your opponents, and reach Level 10 first.

How to Play the Munchkin Card Game

On your turn, you need to 'kick the door in' by turning over the next card from the deck. If this is a monster, you may try to beat it. Whether you can or not will depend on your level, and whether you have any extras to add bonus levels, such as armour, headgear or footwear. You can also ask others to help you and split the 'treasures' that are the rewards.

If you can't defeat the monster, because your level is too low, you will have to try to run away. Whether you can escape or not is determined by the roll of a dice. Score a five or six to run away, otherwise bad stuff happens!

On your go, you can also 'loot the room' (by taking another card for your hand), 'search for trouble' (play a monster card and try to defeat it' or give a card to someone else as charity.

As the game goes on, you will find that your opponents become less helpful, and more likely to stab you in the back! You may find cards that can help you to stab your opponents in the back, such as a card that doubles the level of a monster, or takes away one of their treasure cards. 

The most exciting and challenging part of the game is when players reach Level 8 or 9. On the lower levels, you can go up a level by stealing one or buying one. But you can only go up to level 9 or 10 by defeating a monster. Should a L20 monster pop up at this point, you are quite possibly screwed - someone is bound to add another +10 levels to it! At this stage in the game, who knows what will happen, but you will probably get 'messed with' from all directions! 

Munchkin Delux

Munchkin Deluxe
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Munchkin Delux comes with a board and six pawns that you move on the game board as you level up. It also has a card to go with each pawn, to make it easy to remember who is what color and whose sex has changed. If you can afford to stretch to it, go for this edition for your first edition of Munchkin.

Is Munchkin Suitable for Children?

There are two key things to consider here - their intelligence and the language! Intelligent 10 year olds would probably pick it up quite quickly, and can really enjoy it - as long as you don't mind them wearing the 'Butts that Kick Butt' or the 'Horny Helmet'! The worst swear word in the classic Munchkin deck is 'B*****D'. So it depends whether you're OK with your children hearing words like that!

But primarily, it is an adult card game. There are many innuendos that children wouldn't even get. For example, you can give your opponent 'crabs'! 


Munchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe
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Different Versions of the Munchkin Card Game

There are so many different versions of the Munchkin card game on the market, that you will never get bored! No two game of Munchkin will ever be the same, but if you really want variation, add an expansion pack, or even morph two games into one.  There are many versions of the original Munchkin Card Game, and then a whole load of themed expansion packs and themed games as well!

No matter what you are into, there is bound to be a Munchkin for you. Love Zombies? Go for Zombie Munchkin. Love space ships or pirates? There is a Star Munchkin and a Munchkin Booty. If you love the Mythos novels of H. P. Lovecraft, there is even a Cthulhu Munchkin AND a 'Call of Cowthulhu' version!

The great thing is that different Muchkin games can be combined to make yourself one massive Munchkin Marathon!

Themed Munchkin Games

Munchkin Zombies
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(price as of Aug 13, 2016)
Munchkin zombies is great for Halloween. There are at least 3 versions of Munchkin zombie to choose from as well!

Feeling Festive?

Munchkin Reindeer Games Booster
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(price as of Aug 13, 2016)
To spice up your Christmas, go for the Munchkin Reindeer games. This is an expansion pack and should be used in combination with the original (or other Munchkin versions) Those scary reindeer are here - pillage and attack!

There is also a 'Naughty and Nice' Munchkin Christmas booster pack and a 'Santa's Revenge' (15 card expansion).

If it's spring, wish yourselves a Happy Easter with Easter Egg themed Munchkin!