Mundy ParkMundy Park is a beautiful urban park located in West Coquitlam BC, Canada. Mundy Park is Coquitlam's largest park featuring many fantastic amenities. Travelling through the beautiful forest is kilometer upon kilometer of hiking trails. Because of these amazing trails, Mundy Park is frequented by joggers, hikers and mountain bikers alike.

Amongst the forest, Mundy Park boasts two lakes where it is not uncommon to see frogs and ducks. These lakes are named Lost Lake and Mundy Lake respectively. The park is also home to many sports featuring a Lacrosse Box, a swimming Pool, a Frisbee Golf course (disc golf), two combination Class A soccer and softball fields, a combination B soccer and softball field, a Little League baseball field and a Class A soccer and senior baseball field.

If sports aren't your cup of tea, Mundy Park has recently added an off leash dog park where you can bring your dog to play without having to worry about restraining him/her with a leash. There is also a decent sized playground and picnic area if you are looking for somewhere leisurely to bring your family for an outing.

While hiking the trails of Mundy Park keep your eyes open for wildlife. Deer, raccoons, geese, ducks, swans, birds and even black bears are known to live in the forest. If plantation is what you seek, you are likely to see some rare plants including some endangered plants if you look hard enough.