Unlike other vegetable, the longer it is boiled, the efficacy will decrease. Instead of green beans are not affected by the heat. Not only taste delicious, but also the efficacy is vary. One of them is to increase sexual arousal.

There are many kinds of diseases that can help healing by eating mung. Here are some green bean concoction that can be used to treat various diseases. From various sources herbs are taken, one from Drs. Educate Gunawan, Apt. SU, a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University, Yogayakarta, Indonesia.

Facilitate urine


* 30 grams of mungs
* 30 grams of leaves a spoon
* 400 cc of water
* Honey

How to make:
Boiled mung with a spoon leaves in water 400 cc. Cook ingredients in the pot until cooked ground. When cold, add honey to taste. Drink this concoction on a regular basis until the urine is not halting again.



* 60 grams of mung
* 15 peppercorns
* 3 grams of cinnamon
* 3 grams of nutmeg
* 3 grams cardamom
* 3 grams of cloves
* 2 segment ginger
* 1 liter of water

How to make:
Boiled mung, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and two segments of the ginger with a liter of water. Heat until the solution became 1 / 2 liter. After a cold, drink the cooking water.

Prickly heat children


* 60 grams of green beans
* 50 grams of purslane plants
* Water sufficiently

How to make:
Minced or mashed the mung until they become powder. Boils mung together powder with enough water purslane. Once cooked, strain and drink three times a day.



* 50 grams of red beans
* 50 grams of green beans
* 50 grams of black beans
* 2 segment ginger
* Honey to taste

How to make:
Boiled red beans, green beans, and black beans together. Meanwhile, ginger is boiled separately. After that, the water mixed with ginger stew beans boiled them. This potion boil only for the immature. If the abscess is ripe, should add more honey.

Enhance male sexual arousal


30 grams of mung
# 2 segment ginger
# 15 grams of pepper
# 15 grams fennel
# 15 grams pulosari
# 15 grams chives
# 15 grams of seeds pariah
# 15 grams coriander seeds
# 600 cc ginger

How to make:
Boil green beans together ginger, pepper, fennel, pulosari seeds, chives, seeds pariah, and coriander seeds with water 600 cc. Allow up to 300 cc of water. After chilling, drinking regularly until proven the efficacy.

Hair loss

* A handful of mung
* One glass of water starfruit

How to make :
mung boiled with water. Notice when boiling the beans do not get broken. Having looked a little mature and do not break, immediately lift the containers to boil. After the cold, green bean cooking water is used to moisten the scalp while a massage. Let dry, then wash your hair.



* 1 / 4 kg mung
* Sufficiently warm water

How to make :
Dried green beans until dry and then pounded until smooth. After that, take a tablespoon of powdered green beans. brewed with warm water as much as one drink to taste. After that drink regularly once a day.

Varicose veins


* A handful of mung
* 2 cups water

How to make:
Green beans braised with two glasses of water. Allow the water to decrease approximately one glass. Drink this stew twice a day, morning and before bed. While drinking the potion, you also must do the following. When going to sleep, lift the leg and place it in a place higher than his head. Let stand for 10 minutes. Position to do this every day while drinking green bean stew.

Baby fever

* A glass of starfruit and mung
* One tablespoon of honey

How to make:
Make a green bean stew. bribes green bean cooking water to your baby a spoonful after spoonful. Previous enter a tablespoon of honey on the green beans that have been placed in a glass.



* 1 cup mung
* 3 cups water

How to make:
mung are washed and boiled with three glasses of water to boiling. Let stand for 15 minutes. In lukewarm, drink water and eat beans twice a day.

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