Muscle Building supplements for men

Bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass uses a lot of things found naturally in the body, therefore depleting the quantity. The levels of these things need to be increased or at least replaced and the easiest and most efficient way of doing this is by using supplements. There are many muscle building supplements for men, some of which are essential and some of which aren’t really needed.

Fortunately, there are only a handful of essential muscle building supplements for men and these are the only ones a bodybuilder needs to think about consuming.

Muscle building supplements for men - protein

Protein is an important thing and it makes up virtually everything in the human body. The only thing the human body has more of than protein is water, so it is an important thing. Protein is considered to be the building block of the human body and tissues, hair, nails, muscles etc. are all
made up of protein. The whole point of bodybuilding is to build muscle mass therefore you are going to need protein to do this.

There are many foods rich in protein, such as chicken, tuna etc. so we all eat protein on a daily basis. Whilst some foods are rich in protein they do not have a huge amount and in order to get the amount of protein needed for bodybuilding you are going to need to eat a large quantity, which will lead to bloating, tiredness and lethargy which is not great when you have to go and hit the weights.

The best way of increasing your protein intake without having to eat copious amounts of protein rich foods, and calories, is to take a protein supplement. Protein supplements can be bought as a meal bar or as a powder which is mixed with water to make a protein shake. I think the best way
of increasing protein levels is to take protein shakes, although many people swear by the protein bars. Whatever you take the end result will be the same so, At the end of the day it is down to personal preference.

Body building involves tearing and breaking down the muscle fibres and then rebuilding them and letting them repair. Protein is essential for muscles to repair and recover.

If you are serious about bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass increasing protein levels is crucial. If you don’t have the protein you won’t build the muscle mass, therefore the essential bodybuilding supplement all men should take is a protein supplement.

Muscle building supplements for men - creatine

Creatine is a substance found in muscle cells that is used to power high intensity muscle contractions. This means creatine gives the muscles short bursts of energy.

What does this mean for bodybuilders? By increasing the amount of creatine you increase the intensity of the short bursts of energy, which means you can lift heavier weights. Lifting heavier weights means you will tear and break the muscles down quicker, which means they will repair and grow back stronger. So, creatine should result in enhanced power and strength, faster recovery times and an increase in muscle mass.

Creatine is found in specific foods, including many types of meat although it is found in small quantities. Because of this a creatine supplement is recommended to make the heavy weight sessions possible.

If used correctly, creatine is safe and there are no adverse side effects. However, if creatine is used incorrectly there can be some adverse side effects. When using creatine you need to use a specific method, which consists of a loading phase and then a maintaining phase.

Muscle building supplements for men - glutamine

First things first, amino acids make up protein, which is needed for building muscle mass. Therefore, all bodybuilders need the amino acids.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body therefore it is classed as an essential amino acid. The body can produce its own glutamine however there are times when the body’s need for glutamine exceeds its ability to produce it, therefore there is a deficiency. In these
instances glutamine supplements should be used.

Glutamine increases protein synthesis leading to increased muscle mass, increase nitrogen retention, decreases muscle breakdown and decreases the recovery time needed after a workout, which means you can get back down the gym quicker.

All body builders need to ensure they retain the level o amino acids, and since glutamine is the most important a glutamine supplement is recommended when increasing muscle mass.

Muscle building supplements for men - HMB

Hydroxy Beta Mthylbutyrate or “HMB” as it is more commonly known is a body building supplement that is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine, which is an essential amino acid. There are foods that are rich in leucine, such as fish, soya beans and beef, although it is easier to increase
your intake by using supplement pills.

The recommended dose of HMB is 3g per day and it is a supplement suggested for bodybuilders and people who do regular exercise. It is not a general health and well being supplement at all. HMB is considered a very safe supplement with no adverse side effects. In fact, studies have shown that HMB is beneficial in that it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

HMB helps to increase muscle mass by reducing the amount of protein breakdown during those heavy weight lifting sessions and by increasing protein synthesis, which leads to increased muscle mass and strength.

Muscle building supplements for men - Do you really need to take all of the above?

If you are looking at increasing muscle mass and bodybuilding the essential supplement is clearly protein. Protein supplements are safe and you shouldn’t suffer any adverse side effects. However, it is worth noting than if you take too much protein your body will get rid of it through excretion therefore your liver and kidneys will be working overtime to achieve this, hence putting them under a bit more pressure. The additional pressure is not going to cause any problems in the short term, but if you do this over several months, or even years things may be different.

There are benefits in taking essential amino acid supplements although they are not essential. Each and every person has their own views on amino acid supplements and whilst some bodybuilders will swear by them other bodybuilders will get all the amino acids they need by eating food naturally rich in amino acids.

Other supplements, such as creatine are not nearly as popular as the protein and the amino acid supplements and opinion over them is generally divided. Some bodybuilders use these supplements and they work well for them, whereas the same supplements have no effect on other bodybuilders, so
they are no more than a waste of money. It is worth remembering that everyone is different therefore you should give all muscle building supplements for men a try before you dismiss them.