Defend Yourself From Cramp Attacks!

Muscle cramps are the last thing any runner or exerciser would want. They don’t just interrupt your workout but they also raise the risk of a muscle injury.jkhjk

You shouldn’t ignore them and you certainly can’t work past the pain. They are a warning sign of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, vitamin deficiency or a cause from medications.

Cramps are an involuntary contraction that occurs in a muscle or a group of muscles. There a number of reasons why it may happen and there are many ways to prevent them.

They commonly occur with prolonged periods of exercise (45 minutes or more) but they can also happen when you sedentary. They can strike you out of nowhere and it is not a pleasant feeling.

Electrolytes, Recovery, And Muscle Gains In One!


One of the main reasons why muscle cramps occur is because of electrolyte imbalance. If you are exercising and even if you are completely rehydrating yourself with water, it may not be enough. Water is just one of the electrolytes that you need to stay hydrated.


When you exercise, sodium and electrolytes is lost. You need to stay hydrated before, during and after working out. If your exercise is longer than 45 minutes, you’ll need a drink that includes electrolytes. Generally, the hotter the weather, the more fluids you need. 

Consume a drink that has electrolytes.

You should drink this before, during and after working.
You need to stretch. The more flexible you are the better. Flexibility allows for the muscles to be relaxed and it also lets more blood flow into the muscles.


It also reduces the risk for injuries. Try stretching after warming up or when you are performing exercises in the gym, focus on the eccentric part of the exercises. This way you will make sure that your muscles are getting the stretching that they need.

For the calves, you can do calf raises and between each rep, slowly let the weight come back down, taking as much time as possible. 


Sometimes it can happen out no where and preventing it becomes too late. There is a few things you can do to treat cramps. Stop your workout, take a break and let your cramp settle down. Stretch the muscle out, and treat it with a message on the spot. Drink electrolytes and sodium. Pickle juice may be perfect but it may be better on a sandwich. 


Watch your diet; make sure you're getting enough vitamins. They may help ease the pain of a cramp or even stop the attack of a cramp.

Warm up and cool down.

Without warming up or cooling down, your muscles will be placed in a stressful situation. They will be tensed up from your workouts and they won't be able to recover as well. When they are warmed up, more blood flow is promoted and the muscles become more relaxed.

As you cool down, you make sure the muscles remain relaxed and they will not be as sore the next day. Soreness could also mean tight muscles. Tight muscles are more likely to be cramped so make sure you do warm up and cool down.



Always stay hydrated even on the day that you are not exercising. Doing so may help the workout that you have planned days from now. Fill your water with electrolytes and make sure it has lots of potassium. Gatorade is a great drink that is already prepared with the ingredients that you need to prevent cramps.


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