Whether wRippede are Weight Training for fitness and strength or we are Bodybuilding for muscle mass, the name of the game is muscle. If we train to build muscles, we want to show them off and I don't mean by wearing tight fitting T-shirts with ultra short sleeves to show off those biceps. Forget the shirt I am talking about not seeing the muscles when we are not wearing a shirt, what is the point of building rock hard muscles if they can't be seen and this is where muscle definition comes into play.

To achieve definition of a muscle is to show it off, it can be seen. So when we look in the mirror we can see the cut between muscles. Muscle definition is also referred to as being Ripped or Cut and it is a far better look that just size alone. I would rather have smaller muscles that are ripped than bigger muscles that can't be seen because they are covered by a layer of fat.

Did you spot the deliberate mistake in the last sentence (I would rather have smaller muscles that are ripped), muscles are not ripped they are just muscles, either big ones or small ones, a muscle is a muscle. Its our body we want to get ripped and how do we go about getting ripped so we can see the glory of all our hard work with those Weights in the Gym.

Well some say we should use lighter weights and more repetitions to rip our bodies as opposed to heavy weights with minimal reps. Now in my experience this is not the case, the reason why we train with heavy weights and low reps in the first place is because it Builds Muscle Mass, our muscles get bigger and it works. So if we start training with lighter weights and higher reps, what is going to happen to those big muscles we worked so hard to build.

There is only one way to get a ripped body and the muscle definition we all strive for and that is to strip the fat back. We need to burn away the layer of fat that covers our muscles, we need to bring down our body fat percentage. We have done the work, the muscles are there, we just need to uncover them. Being ripped is about having a low body fat percentage, it is not about muscle size. We can burn away that fat to reveal our muscles, it is possible but not with low weight, high rep training. So keep up with the heavy weights and low reps.

It's a numbers game, we consume calories and we burn calories, but do we burn enough of those calories to keep our body fat percentage low, or are to many getting left behind and concealing our muscles. We need to add some calorie burning exercise to our weekly workout program. We can kick those calories and burn them away with some regular running, cycling, swimming or even walking as part of our training routines. This will be a gradual process, it won't happen overnight but it will happen and as that excess fat burns away we get to see our muscles in all their glory. That is it, thats how to get ripped and finally see the muscles we have been working so hard in the gym to build.

Now it is obvious that we have to control the kind of food we are eating to compliment our aerobic exercise, it is pointless doing the extra work and eating a load of junk. Keep an eye on fatty foods and record the amount of calories you are consuming. Keep up the heavy weights for that pure muscle growth, eat the right food and do some aerobic exercise to burn away that excess fat, the combination of these will not only sculpt your body but increase your strength and endurance, it's a win win win situation.

Now you may have to revamp your whole exercise program to fit in the new aerobic work, you might even have to cut one session on the weights, but it will be worth the compromise. Muscle definition is a better look than bulk, but that is only my opinion and it is a purely personal choice.

Can you also see how this can relate to those stubborn Abdominal Muscles, think about it. Any way that is the subject of another article.