The key to stay at the top of your physical fitness and develop the muscle definition you have always wanted is to work hard consistently. Building strong and defined muscles is not an easy task; it requires dedication at the gym or any other physical activity, good nutrition, sufficient sleep and the best sports supplements you can find. Sports supplements in combination the food you eat is the fuel your body needs to grow muscles and burn fat; however, the quality of the food and quality of the training is what at the end of the day will create the difference in achieving your goals.


Protein Sources: Sports Supplements

As you know, good quality protein plays an important role in building the perfect body; it also helps you burn fat and recover faster; however, there is a misconception of what sports supplements really is – they are not super vitamins or legal/illegal drugs; they are high nutrition foods developed with high technology and considering all the building blocks you need to gain muscles in a convenient and efficient way by extracting all the nutrients possible and concentrate them in a supplement – they are effective and do work, although finding the right one for you according to what you want to achieve is the key to succeed.

1.      Whey Protein

 Whey protein is probably the best, natural and most efficient sports supplement available at the moment; however, the best whey protein for building muscles are those that has been rigorous checked during its production – look for products tested to ISO 17025 standards. The main compound of whey protein is amino acids and it will help you to:

  • Tone your body by burning fat and improving the muscle to fat composition of your body.
  • Gain lean muscle when combined with a good quality training program and good eating habits.
  • Whey protein is highly efficient to help maintaining your muscles in a good shape and strong during the ageing process.


2.      Creatine

Although creatine is probably the second to best sports supplements (only after whey protein) you shouldn’t take it all the time as your body becomes lazy in extracting it from the food we eat, particularly red meat, chicken and fish. In addition to that, consuming too much of this supplement might cause kidney damage, but you shouldn’t worry too much as long as you don’t abuse it, read the instructions carefully and have at least four week breaks every three months and you will tone your body and abs  as well as:

  • Provides the extra strength you need to perform all the exercises with a burst of energy.

  • Provides the amino acids that your muscles need to grow and increase in muscle mass.

  • Speeds up the recovery of injuries.


3.      Casein Protein

 Casein protein is ideal to repair your muscles while you are sleeping. The benefits of weight training will work better combined with casein as this protein derived from milk offers slow release, absorption and digestion as well as preventing muscle breakdown. Although whey protein works better when taken before and after your training program, casein’s effectiveness is due to the energy provided to your muscles when it needs it the more: at bedtime your muscles grow as a consequence of the heavy workout and casein offers extra fuel for rapid recovery.

  • Helps to repair and build muscles.
  • Protein is slowly digested.
  • The amino acid in casein provides a better assimilation of the protein.