A muscle car is a term given to special high performance cars. For these cars, the owners have to buy a special type of insurance which is called muscle car insurance. Usually, this type of car insurance is different from normal car insurance since he has special terms and conditions which do not exist in a normal auto insurance policy.

The term muscle car is given to cars which were manufactured in Australia America and South Africa between the period of 1964 and 1974. These cars were mid sized cars having a rear wheel drive and a very powerful V8 engine. These cars were specially designed for street racing and drag racing and have great amount of torque. These cars were different from full sized cars and smaller sports cars. Some of the very famous muscles cars of older times are Dodge Superbee, Pontiac GTO,

Plymouth Road
runner, Dodge Daytona and Mercury Cougar. Some of the later models include Mercury Grand Marquis, Ford Terminator SVT Cobra, Chevrolet Impala SS and Dodge Charger Daytona.

Muscle car insurance is not provided by every car insurance company. Even if the normal car insurance companies provide this kind of insurance, they will charge a high premium amount because they think that probably for claim on these cars is much higher than normal cars. Also, these companies will not be able to properly value the muscle cars. Therefore it is important that you go to a specialist muscle car insurance company to buy car insurance for your car. Before buying the insurance policy for your car, you should check out a few things about the insurance company and the policy they provide. These should include the following:

  • Check whether the insurance company specializes in muscle car insurance or is it a normal car insurance company having muscle car insurance as one of the other products. It is recommended that you go with a specialized company.

  • Does this company have classes for different types of cars? Are their any special restriction?

  • Do they provide the insurance on agreed car value or stated car value? Most probably, the insurance company will put a value on your car based on certain guidelines. This is called agreed upon value. You will get this value in case of total loss of the car.

  • Do they require any professional appraisal to be done on the car? Some companies need that and some companies provide insurance on the basis of photographs only.

  • Are there any deductible and liabilities associated with the policy?

  • Is there any restriction on the mileage of the car?

  • Is there any restriction on the modification which can be done on the car?

  • Who can drive the car expect the insured driver? What are the additional charges for extra drivers?

  • Are there any discounts on safety features which are installed in the car?

  • How good is the customer service? Are there any special services available like roadside assistance towing facilities etc?

All these points are important considerations and you should talk to your car insurance broker in detail before finalizing the car insurance policy for your muscle car. There are various companies available who sell only this type of insurance. You can check the internet to find such companies online.