A really big city, with lots of interesting things to see.


A weekend is not enough to fully tour this city.

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Bremen is just great, a terrific urban area, a metropolis which is home to approximately 3,000,000 residents, without taking into consideration the large number of travelers pouring in each year. It is quite an old city, about two thousand years old, and this denotes the fact that visitors have many attractions to discover there, because Germans were always very careful in preserving their historic legacy. In Bremen one can see entire streets with buildings older than four hundred years.

Visualize yourself taking a stroll in the Schnoor, a boulevard that formerly was home of the shippers and fishermen, and that was preserved with great responsibility, maintaining the 19th century atmosphere. Nowadays this avenue is a place where people can find rustic cafes, artisan shops and art galleries. It will surely be a charming recreational activity for any visitor.

The cultural side of the town is very important, and people enjoy visiting the excellent museums and attending to plays at the Bremer Theater, this being an outstanding experience for art lovers of the world.

One of the most intriguing museums is the Focke Museum, a great attraction, putting on display items of art, history, and culture. Sometimes it accommodates photo galleries from the best artists and painting galleries of the best viewed contemporary painters. But, in essence, the Focke Museum reveals its visitors tons of "stuff", and I'm talking about fishing rods, gramophones, pistols, swords, tables... you get my point. What makes them priceless is their age. Who wouldn't appreciate seeing tools that men and women used in their lifetime many centuries ago? The display is absolutely unique, with items dating back to the Roman rule, recently uncovered from the Bremen archeological digs that take place even now, in 2010.

An important visitor lure of the Focke Museum is a genuine Hansekogge, a port vessel that was very common in Bremen in the 14th century. Numerous shippers and fishermen used this sort of vessel to do their jobs, although it was meant to be a rescue ship. It presented a particular design, as only a limited number of city ports on the continent were using it, and, if there were boats like the Hansekogge in other places, you could be certain they were either made in Bremen, or the design was duplicated and someone made a replica.

Another interesting place to go is the Bremen Theater, for people who love culture. It is a gigantic building, and it's been the host of some legendary plays and concerts throughout the 20th century which granted the theater an aura of great importance. Just the greatest artists and musicians manage to have their show at the theater, which means that this theater is very attractive and this is the reason it is always full of people. If you want to see a show at this theater, you will want to make a reservation several days before the play or concert you want to see.

Anyhow, the point is that Bremen is a town that has a lot to offer to its residents and even more to show its tourists, and a weekend in this location can mean a lot to persons that choose to make a tour in a special place for the holidays.

In Closing

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