Greece is a country that has been around for thousands of years and the amount of tourism the country receives makes for very interesting cultural finds. One of the best things on the list of locations to pay a visit to is the multitude of museums the country has available on such a small expanse of land mass. Although there are many better known, a number of hidden gems in the city have more to offer and do not miss them while visiting this historical area of the world.

Athens is a major city in the world with a lot to offer the average tourist and museums are not an exception. Although the average visitor has an itinerary for major ones renowned around the world, there are several not to miss out on which are much lesser known. These are diamonds hiding in the city.

This city creates a stunning backdrop for the enlightening treasures found in Greece in these little out-of-the-way buildings full of treasure lesser known by the mainstream tourist. There are a multitude of eclectic finds that any itinerary would appreciate, but fails to talk about. Knowing where these are found and what you could be missing out on will only make them more appealing when you visit.

These are museums in Athens you cannot miss out on if you want to see what the Greek people have to offer the rest of the world culturally hidden away behind bigger and better known tourist counterparts.

Numismatic Museum

If you are looking for one definitely not on a lot of visitor maps, try the Numismatic Museum found on the inside of a building circa 1880, but with works of art thousands of years older. Half a million different things are on display with many of them dating as far back as the 14th century BC. There are beautiful ancient coins and an extremely exquisite garden café to be enjoyed at this locale while you see the sights.

Benaki Museum

One of the first private ones in the country is the Benaki. A fabulous collection of classical works stationed in the center of  Athens is the Greeks answer to New York City’s MoMa. Along with the main site, several satellite locations are scattered around the metropolis as well. You will find a grouping of artifacts from the Fall of Constantinople and even the Mycenaean era along with even older chronicling of the Greek people’s most ancient history here.

The Jewish Museum of Greece

Judiasm is not discussed a lot when it comes to this city, but it has one of the best attractions for this particular religion in this area of the world. The Germans attempted to destroy the monument during WWII, but it still stands today. There are requisite Judaica from the 14th through the 19th centuries. Stories of countless Greek Jews that did not survive the Second World War are on display at this scene of Jewish remembrance of historical artifacts and treasures.

Bathhouse of the Winds

This 300 year old Turkish Bathhouse is the only one surviving a time when Athens was under Ottoman rule from 1453 through 1669. It was a functioning bathhouse up to 1965. The exhibits are not limited to the history of the Hammam, but also include the ancient Greek’s water supply in the city outlined for historical reverence.

Onassis Cultural Center

Onassis is a well-known name in this country. Taking up an entire city block the white marble structure named after Onassis is a nod to the Parthenon and is different from most of the older museums in the city. This is aptly described as a state of the art display of culture.

It is more of a performance space for displaying work by contemporary artists from the country. A rooftop bar hosts ongoing various attractions  at this at this innovative trendy museum.

In conclusion

The admission costs for most of these treasures are either free of charge or extremely inexpensive for tourists on a budget which is another enormous advantage over similar favorites. The only exception is the Onassis Cultural Center which has admission varying with events taking place.

Do not pass by the artistic and cultural treasures all of these offer. Visit this ancient city and indulge to your heart’s content these museum treasures you shouldn’t miss out on.

the Benaki Museum in Athens

the Benaki Museum in Athens

a beautiful shot of the Benaki Museum in Athens

the Benaki Museum in Athens(129862)