Getting started growing mushrooms can be easy using mushroom growing kits, or a little more involved using grow bags.  You can decide how deep you want to jump into the field of mushroom growing.

Just as you plant a garden in the back yard to grow your own tomatoes and beans, you can grow mushrooms in your home.  The process is a very different, and can be a little daunting to get started, since you need to acquire new knowledge of a new process.  However, for some people, that just makes it a challenge, and you obviously have bragging rights once you have grown your own mushrooms.

Since growing mushrooms is different than growing tomatoes in the back yard, it has the advantage of being a project that almost anyone can do.  There are mushroom growing kits, or shroom kits, as some say, that are sold that you just open, and spray with water, and then keep it on the windowsill.  This means that the mushrooms can be grown by someone living in an apartment, and by those unable to withstand the rigors of going out and digging in the ground.

Back to the Roots Oyster Mushroom KitCredit: AmazonBack to the Roots Oyster Mushroom Kit

The mushroom growing kits for sale at Amazon come with soil, and this particular shroom kit soil is made from recycled coffee grounds.  The mushroom spores are included, along with a spray mister for watering the growing mushrooms.  It states that you can be serving fresh mushrooms in as little as 10 days with this kit, and you can grow multiple crops from one kit. 

Reviews of this mushroom growing kit show mostly happy customers, although a couple were unhappy that the first crop took a little longer than 10 days to grow.  They also stated that they were able to get three to four crops from the mushroom growing kits. 

TThe Shiitake Mushroom KitCredit: Amazonhe Shiitake Mushroom Kit

Another of the mushroom growing kits that Amazon offers, this kit grows Shiitake mushrooms.  That is another advantage of these growing kits.  You can grow different types of mushrooms each time, or several at one time.  You might finds strains that are hard to obtain at your local grocery store.

The shiitake mushrooms from this kit will harvest about every two weeks over a period of 12 to 16 weeks.  You do need to maintain a healthy temperature for them to grow, but you should be able to harvest two to three pounds of mushrooms from the kit.

Mushroom Substrate In Mushroom Grow BagsCredit: AmazonMushroom Substrate In Mushroom Grow Bags

If you have used the shroom kits a couple times, and want to be more adventurous, or want to skip right to the do-it-yourself stage, you can buy mushroom substrate in grow bags, and add the mushroom spores or mushroom spawn yourself. 

Mushrooms are not usually grown right in the ground; they are grown in specially prepared mushroom substrate, sometimes consisting of straw, sometimes of a grain, sometimes of manure.  On Amazon you can find several different substrates to work with, and the mushroom substrate usually comes packaged in mushroom grow bags.

After buying the substrate, you then buy the mushroom spawn or put in the substrate.  You might also try searching for mushroom spores.  The spores are the seed equivalent for mushrooms.  You actually want spawn, which is some kind of grain that has been coated with spores and in some cases has stated to grow a little. 

Using the mushroom grow bags and spawn method of growing your mushrooms will enable you to produce much bigger harvests, but you will also need more room.  However, it will probably be worth it in the end to have a large quantity of a valuable product like mushrooms, organically grown by you.

Whichever route you decide to take, whether it is mushroom grow bags and spawn, or mushroom growing kits, enjoy yourself and your self grown food.

How are Mushrooms Grown?