Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to grow mushrooms? Why not try a mushroom kit? Mushroom kits make growing mushrooms easy with just a little effort. If you are a beginner learning how to grow mushrooms or a seasoned gardener, the mushroom kits will make things very simple for you. A mushroom kit is basically made up of mushroom mycelium that grows on a base called a substrate. The main advantage of the mushroom kit is that most of the work of preparing the substrate and growing the mycelium has already been done.

Purchasing a mushroom kit has certain advantages and disadvantages associated with it, which are explored in this article.

Advantages of Mushroom Kits

Fresh Mushrooms at Home

A mushroom kit comes equipped with ready-made substrate that means less time is needed to cultivate the mushrooms. In addition to the lower time frame in cultivating the mushrooms, not much effort is required on your part to develop the medium to grow the mushrooms. Within a mere 10 days or so from getting the kit, mushroom kit owners can have their own fresh yield of mushrooms right at home.

Mushroom Kits Are Easily Availabile

Shitake Mushroom LogMushroom kits are readily available at a variety of places, making them easily accessible to potential mushroom farmers. You also have a selection of many types of mushrooms which you can grow.  A Mushroom kit can be purchased from home and garden stores, cooking stores, local shroom growers, animal feed stores and natural food stores. And, of course, it's very easy to purchase a shroom kit online.  You can purchase a Shitake mushroom kit from Amazon for example for less than $25

Mushrooms Are Simple To Grow

For home gardeners, the concept of growing your own mushrooms is made easy because of the mushroom kits. It is quite possible to grow fresh mushrooms right at home because the kits come with simple instructions to get the gardeners started. A typical mushroom kit comes with the substrate that is either enriched sawdust, wood chips or other material containing the mushroom spores, a hydration tent and instructions. The mushroom growing substrate needs to be soaked in water for a few hours and then placed in the hydration tent away from direct sunlight. Mushrooms start emerging within a few days and can be seen literally as pinheads. They attain maturity in about seven days time and are then ready for harvesting and cooking.  There are lots of great recipes for mushrooms.  There are also log kits available which have been injected with mushroom spores like the shitake mushroom log pictured here which can produce shitake mushrooms for years to come.

Mushroom Safety

There is a safety factor in growing your own mushrooms using a mushroom kit from a reputable seller. There is no danger of exposure to chemicals and pesticides used to grow them or excessive handling, as in grocery stores. And, it's certainly much safer than trying to collect your own wild mushrooms.  Unless you are experienced in mushroom identification, you should never try a shroom that you are not certain of.  There are many poisonous mushroom varieties.  Mushroom kits are very safe and many of the mushroom kits available are even certified organic.

Disadvantages of Mushroom Kits

There are no real disadvantages, though it really depends on the individual buyer. To some, the expense of the kit may seem high because really reputable mushroom kits can cost about $25 each or more. Kit prices generally depend on the type of mushroom and kit.  Enoki mushroom kits are generally less expensive than a shitake mushroom log which can produce mushrooms for years.  To others the amount of mushrooms seems limited in comparison to when grown from scratch. The kits are not suitable for commercial growers.

Mushroom kits are a great way to get the family involved in a project and to teach children about the fungal life cycle. It is best to research various suppliers before actually buying a mushroom kit to ensure its quality and reliability.