Music can be defined as sound used as an art form. The basics of music would be having numerous pitches of sound in the scheme of a melody, tempo and rhythm. Tempo is the speed of the piece, melody is the main focus (aka a part that a singer would sing in an band), and rhythm is a pattern of beats. Harmony can be used as well which means two voices or instruments are singing two different pitches at the same time. Music can either be composed on sheet music and followed note by note or improvised. By voice or instrument in a group, individually or even have computer you can create music.

If someone is singing lyrics to a pattern of rhythm and pitches that would be classified as a song or chant. Since the beginning of time song was used in worship, celebrations or express emotion. In religious ceremonies they usually sing about their 'god' and their life story and is the key of worshiping to their higher power. During birthday parties or holidays their songs that express the joy of that time period: for example "Happy Birthday to you". Depending where you live and what is happening in society it would be reflected in a composition. Different styles of music is called a genres. All around the world you can learn where some genres were created. For example Reggae originated in Jamaica while opera was created in Italy.

Some people use their lyrics to express how their feeling to political views - The main focus of music is to evoke emotion. Listening to the lyrics and the tone of the piece can bring someone joy or to tears. It's extremely powerful if someone has an emotional connection to that piece since it can trigger emotional memory. Music has been use as an educational tool to help children remember their A,B,C's as well as help special needs children talk. Also music can help people to have an emotional release by singing,composing or playing an instrument.

In our society the performers or music have become very influential in society as well as to what type of music we like. How someone dresses, tone of voice, attitude, and personality makes us fall in love with music even more. In musical theatre song is used to describe the scenes and the feelings of the characters involved. When watching and connecting with the actor it creates joy to see how the story evolves. It's like the same thing with artists. We like how they sing about how they feel about life and how each album shows the progress with their emotional develop. If an artist or their songs are relatable to our feelings, attitudes or circumstance it makes us appreciate their talents. Since music is such a important tool why not use it in advertisements? Jingles on the radio to a catchy song on a commercial makes us rememberable and can make us want to buy their products. In conclusion music is influential in every-way imaginable: Music makes the world go round.