MusicDirect has built an on-line presence selling high end audio products and accessories. They cater to vinyl collectors and the equipment that goes with it.  Currently they have no frequency marketing program in place.  Therefore they make an excellent choice for designing one that fits their company and marketing plan.  Due to the expense of audiophile grade components, I would suggest a program that awards points based on total dollar amount spent.  Unlike similar programs, this one would have no time frame.  Points would accumulate and could be spent anytime they reach an amount that could be traded for merchandise.  Every 100 dollars spent would equal 10 points.  Each point is worth one dollar.  Points could be redeemed after 100 points are accumulated.  Points can be redeemed for anything the store sells.The best feature is that there are no time restrictions on the program. This would work well with the audiophile crowd as it sometimes takes years to build a nice system and it would promote customer loyalty knowing that eventually the points could be redeemed for future products.  It sure is a pain when you accumulate so many points and later find out that the points have expired and you could have gotten something nice out of it but it is now too late.  I am sure that it is has happened to many of us too many times to count and we have probably been fed up with companies for that reason.  If they implemented  this program, I am sure many customers would be happy and they would keep coming back for more products.

All in all, MusicDirect is a great company to purchase things from as they are honest and have high quality products that will last many years.  I would have to say that Music Direct is one of the better companies out there who you know will not scam you for your money.  If you are looking for an honest company, you have found one.

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers
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