what people usually think of a "studio"

Just press record

Music. Something that has grab the world’s ears by storm and with the recent addition of Steve Jobs’ creation of the “ear-buds”, has introduced music (always) at our finger tips. Now we have such wonders as those who ride subways blasting their choice of music or those, who forgot their Ipod’s that day, chant away favorite songs. With all that said, music creation has been something that was only left to the rock gods and their studios.

Not anymore with the creation of mp3’s. Anyone, I mean anyone, can record something now. With programs such as Audacity, which is free, or FL studios, one only needs a computer and a microphone…not “2 turn tables and a microphone” as according to the band Beck. For years I used just a simple speaking mic coupled with a crappy recording program. As a result I created crappy music. So I’m going to hit up some suggestions when it comes to music recording programs. 


simple studio

Music Software super basics

Music editing software shoots from free to as far as a few hundred dollars or more. Audacity is a good example of a common free program that is decent for editing audio. With this program, if you are just starting out is a good one to run around with, can create digital files from vinyl and audiocassettes along with mixing basic audio files.  Many production experts in the music profession recommend programs such as Reason or Pro Tools. These programs are heavily loaded with possibilities and provide a wide range of YouTube video’s to walk even the basic beginner through. You can plan on investing around $100 in one these programs. However, you can always upgrade to a higher-end version of the program down the road once you have snagged the basics of them.

I don’t know why but ever since I pick up that cheap in saxophone in 8th grade I have had a fascination with creating. I never have expected grandeur with any music I have created but I have hoped that people would enjoy what I create as much as I do. With these programs many other people have thought the same as you can see with the explosion of genres in the last 10 years. To where music like dubstep is completely mixed through synthesized instruments (a key board with  MIdI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface) or this phase of folk music, which is “just recorded on a camera”, technology has created a chance for anyone to proclaim themselves musically.

Again, these are just a few programs that many people back professionally or hobby wise and say they are at least worth a look. Greatest thing about them is all of them provide some sort of demo to mess with. Happy trails to where ever your music may take you.