One of the most frustrating things about owning an iPod is the limitations that Apple puts on how you transfer your music. Any music that you want to listen to must be loaded through Apples iTunes software, and there is extensive protection built in so that you cannot transfer that music back from an iPod to any unauthorized computer. While this makes sense to prevent mass music pirating, it can be the most frustrating thing in the world if your computer dies, or you lose your iTunes library, and are left with music stuck on your iPod.

  The problem originates with iTunes ability to authentic where music came from. Of course, if you purchased the music through iTunes, Apple may give you the ability to re-download the songs that were on your iPod, and you don’t have to worry about getting the files off of the iPod itself. However, most people have libraries that are composed of music that usually not from iTunes, and this is something that iTunes can not help you with. This is where the iDump software comes in. 

iDump for iPod allows you to connect your iPod to a PC, and simply copy the songs that are on the hard drive of the iPod onto the hard drive of the computer. Situations where this comes in unbelievably handy:

  • You got a virus and had to wipe your computer without being able to save anything
  • Your computer crashed and you didn’t have your iTunes library backed up
  • You want to simply transfer your iTunes library from one computer in your household to another
  • Your iTunes library became corrupted or otherwise unusable 

The biggest problem with this software is that there is no iDump for iPod Touchand iPhone. While it still comes in handy for Classic, Nano, and Shuffle iPod devices, iPod Touch and iPhone are far and away the most popular models of iPod. If you look at the website of iDump, it’s pretty clear that they haven’t updated in many years, and an iDump for iPod Touch or iPhone seems extremely unlikely in the near future.

The good news is that there are always people out there looking to help people with their technology problems. In other words, there are other ways than using iDump, you just have to search for them! One of the better applications is Senuti, and it works with iPod (including iPod Touch), and iPhone. Senuti also has a great user interface built in, and it is clearly designed to make it easy for the user. The program itself looks very similar to iTunes, and it will automatically detect what files are on the iPod that aren’t on your computer. The downside is that the free version of the software is limited to thirty days and 1000 song transfer. In order to have unlimited transfer, you have to buy the software for $18.99. However, this is of course much better than the hassle and money that you would waste attempting to find all of your music on CDs again!

When you’re in the situation of needing software like this, it’s usually after something particularly upsetting happened such as a computer crashing, a malicious virus, or even your computer being stolen. iDump is a good free option for iPod users to make at least this one part of putting back your digital life a little bit easier. Until, and if, there is an iDump for iPod Touch and iPhone, Senuti is an more than adequate replacement, though if you’re looking for more than 1000 songs it will cost you some money. In the meantime, if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone and are bummed about paying some money for Senuti, check out this article about iOS 5 and get re-excited about your iOS device!