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There can be few people in the UK and USA who have not heard the name Susan Boyle. As a stunning performer in Britain's Got Talent 2009, it was expected that Susan would win this year's contest.

From the first moment Susan had stepped on the stage, to audition, she had amazed all and sundry. This Scottish lady was in her late 40s when she auditioned. It was easy to see that Susan had tried to dress with extra special care that day. Unfortunately the visual effect was of someone a little old fashioned and perhaps eccentric.

The judges, Simon Cowell, Pierce Morgan and Amanda Holden, all gave knowing looks as Susan walked on the stage. Simon was kind but it was plain to see that he expected Susan to be terrible. The cameras panned to the audience where various members were giggling and nudging their companions as they obviously agreed with the judges.

As fans of Susan Boyle now know, Susan knocked the grins of those faces in a few beautiful notes.

For her audition Susan sang I Dreamed A Dream. The tone of her voice was sweet and yet so mellow. It was plain to see that Susan was very nervous but she was triumphant.

Suebo as she is now affectionately known has become a worldwide singing sensation. She is hugely popular in the States and looks set for a great career.

Susan is unmarried and lives in a small Scottish town, living alone apart from her cat. She has long held the hope that she would one day be a famous singer. Susan would practice singing at home, looking in the mirror as she held a hair brush to represent a microphone.

After many problems during her life Susan is now living the dream.

Susan did not win Britain's Got Talent but was the runner-up. However the massive press intrusion she had suffered during the contest had taken its toll. Susan was hospitalised for short period of time whilst she recovered.

The Britain's Got Talent team, and in particular Simon Cowell, supported Susan throughout. They waited patiently for her to recover so that her career could start properly.

Her debut CD was kindly delivered to my Christmas stocking by Santa. It was an unexpected gift so thank-you Santa. This CD is truly beautiful.

The track listing is:-

Wild Horses

I Dreamed A Dream

Cry Me A River

How Great Thou Art

You'll See

Daydream Believer

Up To The Mountain

Amazing Grace

Who I was born To Be


The End Of The World

Silent Night.

It is hard to pick a favourite as each track is stunning. Susan's voice sounds perfect when recorded. There are no duff notes at all.

I suppose if I have to pick my stand out track it will be, Who I Was Born To Be, as it is no poignant for Susan and her life.

For those who are new to Susan you can see some of her performances on YouTube.

In the past Susan had tried to start a singing career and had always failed. On YouTube there are videos of her earlier performances which show how good a singer she has always been. Fame and a career was just elusive and not meant to be. It is meant to be now though.

In Closing

Susan has come a long way since Britain's Got Talent, in such a short space of time. However with friends and fans such as Simon Cowell, President Obhama, Demi Moore, Oprah Winfrey and more, Susan is approaching where she deserves to be, at the top.