Startlingly enough, there are some decent music stores in Peoria, Illinois. So – if your touring brings you to Peoria, Illinois, or if your band just wants to see if it can "play in Peoria", you will probably be able to find the music equipment you need for your big gig.


There is a Guitar Center in Peoria, Illinois. It is exactly what you would expect it to be, and has a representative stock of what you would expect to find in any Guitar Center store. It is not as big as some of the other Guitar Centers, like the one in Nashville, or Hollywood, but there is a lot of stuff in there. There are three rows of guitars and basses hanging on the walls, so looking at the ones on the highest row involves considerable neck craning. Since the store is smaller than most Guitar Centers you can't even back up to allow yourself more room so you don't have to crane your neck as far.


Don's Music Land is a local fixture in Peoria, Illinois. It is a very well stocked local music store. Don has been in the business for a long time and thus is well known around town. He has been in several different locations over the history of the store. The current location is not that easy to spot from the road, so be sure to look around for him when you get to the vicinity. He is a Fender dealer, but also carries many other important lines. Sometimes Don is able to get something that other places just can't come up with, so even if you end up paying a little more than you might expect, it is great to know that Don's Music Land is there when you need them.


Flores has a great selection of guitars and amps. They also have a rather low key approach to things that many people really like. If you are interested in Mesa Boogie amplifiers, you definitely want to head to Flores to take a look. They also have a great stock of used guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, PA systems, and other gear that every band needs.


Music Makers is located at the location of the old Elmore's Musical on Willow Knolls. I went when they were first opening up, but haven't been back. They didn't have much inventory then, but I am sure they have more now.


Peoria has been home to a great number of music stores throughout its history. Some of the more notable mentions include Matthews Music, Byerly's Music, McKinney's Music (McKinny's was a GREAT place to go if you were looking for a Marshall Amplifier!), Elmore's Musical, and for a brief period of time a store called Bachel and Watson's that was later just called Watson's. There were also some other stores that were of less interest to the rock band set of folks, such as Strode Music, and several other stores that cater more to the school band (trombones, trumpets, and the like) set.

All in all, if you find yourself in Peoria and you are interested in checking out the local stores, the first ones to hit would be Don's Music Land, Guitar Center, and Flores Music.

Rock on!