Quick! What did you get for Valentines Day this year? A bundle of flowers or a box of chocolate, maybe? How about your last birthday? Perhaps a sweater or nice pair of socks? These gifts tend to be part of the typical lineup that loved ones have been presenting each other for years. It may be time however, to begin thinking of upgrading your benevolences!

Over the years, gift giving in general has drastically evolved, directly in conjunction with the acceleration of technology. Though presents like stuffed animals and tasty confections are still very much appreciated, gifts today often rhyme with gadget. And while technology has graced us with many new toys, it is a very universal interest in entertainment that keeps the demand high for media and music streaming devices.

Remember the boom box? How about VHS and its infuriating cassette tape? Nostalgic yes, but it was entirely undeniable that there had to be a better way to experience sight and sound. Years later, tech companies have delivered! Sleek, compact designs and advanced functionality grace the latest media players, and gifting these modern marvels is an exciting way to wrap and present innovation. Here is the list of some great streaming devices, and your new shopping list!

Roku 3:

The Roku 3 is without question one of the popular streaming devices around. This neat little black box will grant you access to over 1500 channels, including the likes of Netflix, Pandora and Hulu. Music, movies and television, all accessible from the same small device for a low price of $89.99! The new Roku 3 is truly an entertainment buff’s dream.

Roku 3
Credit: https://www.roku.com/products/roku-3

Google Chromecast:

If you are looking for the best streaming device with the lowest price tag then look no further than the Google Chromecast. Averaging only $35, this small USB drive provides a hearty selection of content, especially considering the cost. It is also generally well received for its user-friendly design.

Google Chromecast
Credit: http://www.google.com/chrome/devices/chromecast/

Google Nexus Player:

This Android streaming player can support all of your favorite apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora in addition to a myriad of Android games. All that is required is a Google Play account, Wi-Fi connection and $99. Make any of the ‘gamers’ in your life happy with a new Google Nexus Player!

Google Nexus Player
Credit: http://www.google.com/nexus/player/

HEOS by Denon:

As music streaming devices go, the new HEOS by Denon is amongst the best! The speakers benefit audibly from Denon’s impressive tenure within the acoustics industry, and they stream all your favorite music channels such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. In addition to the stunning audio, HEOS comes with great hi-tech perks such as room-to-room syncing and a controller application for your smartphone. Starting at $299.99, HEOS will make the perfect gift for any music enthusiast!

HEOS by Denon Speakers
Credit: http://usa.denon.com/us/heos

Everyone is deserving of lovely gifts on occasions like Christmas, Valentines Day and of course, their birthday. Try the Roku 3 for your favorite Aunt or Uncle, the Google Nexus Player for a deserving niece or nephew and indulge your sweetheart with a brand new HEOS speaker! Whomever you are shopping for, you are sure to strike gold with any one of these streaming devices.