Different Music

Musical styles are incredibly diverse and yet if you turn on your local radio station you are likely to hear the same hackneyed, mainstream selection of pop or country-style music. Hearing the everyday, commonplace or obsolete hits over and over is unnecessary, because there is a whole world of different styles out there to explore.

Chiptune or 8-bit Music

Chiptune, otherwise known as 8-bit music, is a style of music which is usually generated from old video games, or programmable sound chip hardware. This style of music took flight in the seventies, with the rise of arcade machines and later video games and home computers. In the 80s with the development of the Nintendo, chip music really got going.

When the first arcade games like Pac-Man were created, the technology available to create the accompanying music was very limited. What resulted, was a synthesised square or pulse wave, white noise background and speedy arpeggios. Today chip music is made with more advanced technology, but it still has that distinctive sound.

Chiptune compilation


Glitch music is a type of electronic music which arose in the 90s. This style embraces the"aesthetic of failure," as being  essential to its experimental style, as is malfunctioning, or crashing  technology, errors, CD scratches, hisses or distorted sound. Glitch often uses music samples from a variety of recorded music and integrates these with the distinctive scratches, clicks or other "errors". Japanese musician Yasunao Tone, is a notable proponent of the glitch genre's unconventional techniques, as he uses  a process of "de-controlling" a Cd player's playback, so as to have a random selection of musical fragments from damaged CDs, in his works.

Yasunao Tone - Part II (2/3)


Cowpunk is sometimes called Country punk. It is a musical style which combines country-style music, punk rock and New Wave. The term cow punk was first used in a 1984 New York Times article, as a kind of umbrella term for this multi-faceted new style of music.While the musical combination of country and punk may seem odd, the country tradition here is more of the rebellious, outlaw variety, which is not such a strange bedfellow, for the  anti-establishment punk style.

Hank III---HellBilly

Digital Hardcore

As a musical genre, digital hardcore blends the influences of hardcore punk, with hardcore techno and industrial electronic music. With harsh, mostly shouted vocal sounds, distorted guitars and often left-wing or anarchist lyrics, combined with fast-tempos, this music is not for those looking to chill out and relax. Exploding out of Germany, particularly Berlin in the 90s, this aggressive and ferocious style was named by Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot. Warning it may make your ears bleed!

Alec Empire - New World Order


Filk music and songs are connected to the culture of science fiction, medievalism, fantasy and hackers. The songs in this genre, may be about characters in science fiction, or fantasy stories, or computers, or even about NASA. As a musical genre, this style has been around since the 1950s and is related to folk music.

Performers of this musical style often congregate at conventions, or gatherings called a Filk Circle. The idea behind the formation of circles is to ensure that everyone at the gathering is an equal and to aid in the musical performance and its enjoyment. Styles within Filk are very diverse, but the overarching shared importance of the social network is integral.


My Secret Origin - Ookla The Mok

Witch House

Witch house music started out as a joke, when Travis Egedy was joking around with his friend Shams about making some "occult-based house music". The music style took off, despite its origins with bands like Salem typifying the slowed down sluggish tempo and elements of drone and noise. This music style has been described as featuring a fusion of techniques rooted in chopped and screwed hip hop.

Salem - King Night