Do you remember the first time you heard a song and you were stopped in your tracks? You had to listen to it again. You had to know the group or the person behind such a great song. Have ever entered a store and pretended to be shopping when all you wanted was to listen to a song being broadcasted on their sound system? Have you ever bought an album just after listening to about 30 seconds of a song? Music has a way to touch and help us connect with ourselves.

Most people could easily remember where they were when they first heard a particular song. Others would get itchy feet whenever their favorite song is played on the radio. Others feel that some songs really explain what they are going through or what they have been through.

There have been musical sounds that are recognizable when you only hear the first chords sequences. This brings to mind the song by David Brubeck, take five. The interesting things about this jazz song, was how familiar it sounds even to those who might not know David Brubeck. What about the group, the Beatles and John Lennon? Do you remember the songs "Hey Jude" or the song "Imagine"? These were simple songs with simple chords progressions; however, they capture the minds and heart of a generation.

Music is more than melody, chords, lyrics and rhythm. It can be healing and a soothing process. Easy listening music is sometimes considered "elevator music". What does it imply? Some people are afraid of stepping into an elevator. Their minds start to wander about all the possible horrors of being stuck in an elevator. Therefore, elevator music or easy listening music is a form or therapy that should have a calming effect and make the short ride manageable. Others actually like easy listening music for what it intrinsically is. It is easy on the ears.

Music therapy can also be used during meditation. These types of music have long sounding notes and harmonies that are created to help those practicing meditation feel at ease and at one with nature. Music therapy is also used in massage parlors. It is used to create an atmosphere of peace and holiness. That is to say that you don't feel you are alone. It can be combined with physical massage to create a lasting impact on the client.

Music therapy has been used with babies for so many years. Babies who have trouble sleeping have been serenaded by their mothers since the beginning of time. Babies are believed to recognize sounds or the voice of their fathers or mothers. This is part of the natural music therapy that has been going on for generations but humans don't generally consider it as such.

Music Therapy in films is another interesting thing that we experience. Have you noticed how melancholic the songs are when the producers want you to feel the pain and sadness of the actors? What about thrillers and horror movies? The same technique is used to get to the core of human emotions. They want you to feel as if you are in the movie and living in the scene with the actors. How many times have you been fearful of what is about to happen because of the music preceding a scene. The music as a therapy seems to dictate the fear and it creates anticipation for what is about to happen.

The reality is that we are often moved by music. The therapeutic side of music is only partially known. Who knows what might be discovered in years to come. We might discover there is more to music than meet the ears.