Artist Name: Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

Song Name: Gonna Move Across The River

Composer: Sonny Terry

Release Date: September 1937

Record Label: Vocalion

Chart Peak Position: N/A

This song by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee expresses very strong emotion in an easy going melody. They talk about how he treated a woman like a queen but she did not treat him back the same way. He is letting feelings go from a past relationship, explaining that he doesn’t know why she took him in and then treated him so poorly. Listening to them play the instruments also expresses a lot of emotion, you could hear the sorrow he is feeling through the music but you could also hear that he is moving on and it is not pulling him down. It is also expressed through the title of this song, how they are moving across the Mississippi river also means that he is moving on from the relationship.

 Artist Name: Big Bill Broonzy

Song Name: Spreadin’ Snakes Blues

Composer: Big Bill Broonzy

Release Date: February 1939

Record Label: Okeh

Chart Peak Position: N/A

 This song has a very catchy beat. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of my grandfather because he use to always listen to it or will be singing it. It was his favourite song and I never understood it when I was younger, but now I appreciate the song more because I understand it and take it in. I use to think my grandfather like it because of the catchy melody since he was always either singing or whistling the song, but I now realize that he really enjoyed the song because of the meaning behind it as well. I really enjoyed listening to this song again manly because it brought back such nice memories of me and my grandfather.

Artist Name: Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five

Song Name: Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Composer: Joan Whitney, Alex Kramer

Release Date: December 1946

Record Label: Decca

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 6 and R&B: 1

This song done by Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five is a very enjoyable and joyous song to listen to. The lyrics are silly and speak about chickens being disturbed while they are in their henhouse. The song implies that the chickens are replying back to farmer Brown, who happened to check the henhouse because he heard a noise in there.  I think this song would have brought many smile to multiple faces during this time, which is why I am found of it. This fulfills what I understand to be one of the ultimate purposes of music, which is to put people in pleasant moods. Also, another appealing component of the song that I came across was the soothing tone of Louis Jordan’s voice.

 Artist Name: Dinah Washington

Song Name: Am I Asking Too Much

Composer: Glenn Miller, Whitman

Release Date: September 1948

Record Label: Mercury

Chart Peak Position: N/A

 This song is about asking for too much love, which is impossible in life. This is an issue that is included in one’s life constantly; when somebody loves a person a lot, they always wonder if that person loves them just as much. People will only know from experience that love is a drug and could make you do things you will never do or even thought of doing. Dinah talks about an issue that is very popular and will make a lot of people interested in because everybody can relate to it. I loved listening to this song because I know I can personally relate to it from past experience, I also love the tone of the song, it is very intriguing to me.

Artist Name: Big Joe Turner

Song Name: Flip, Flop and Fly

Composer: Chuck Calhoun, Joe Turner

Release Date: August 1951

Record Label: Atlantic  

Chart Peak Position:  N/A

As soon as I heard this song I started to move my body to the music. When the lyrics come in, Big Joe Turner says “flip, flop and fly, I don’t care if I die.” This is the feeling the song gives me when I hear; I just feel free and instantly in a good mood. Although the song is about the blues if someone leaves, at the time it is a happy moment to feel good and dance. He explains how he is enjoying himself, having a lot of women and feeling gutless to do anything not thinking about the consequences. This song reminds me of how I feel when I go out with my friends and have a good time; we let the night take us away and always want to have fun.

Artist Name: B.B. King

Song Name: Please Love  Me    

Composer: Riley King, Jules Taub

Release Date: June 1953

Record Label: RPM

Chart Peak Position: R&B: 1

 BB King lets the music take you away, especially in the beginning with the melody of the song with his guitar. For some reason when I hear this song it reminds me of my dad playing his electric guitar in my basement. My dad use to always play this song because he said he loved the melody of the song and how the guitar expresses the lyrics. This song is about how someone wants to be loved and that they will do anything for the ones they love. There is a lot of emotions expressed through the instrumental part of this song, showing excitement and enthusiasm which is what love is usually about and how love could make one feel and that is why I believe this song was a hit. 

 Artist Name: Joe Turner

Song Name: Oke She Moke She Pop

Composer: Joe Turner

Release Date: May 1955

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peal Position: N/A

 This song is a good song however I can see why it wasn’t a hit song. This song is very plain and simple to me; after I listened to it once, I would not listen to it again just for fun. It is a typical song about a woman going over town and being chased.  The song was released at a time where the men were always supposed to chase the women and ask them out, which has changed today.  I do appreciate the instrumental of this song because it is nice a smooth to listen to when you are in a relaxing mood, however there are many other songs with the same melody that I would rather listen to.