Artist Name: The Coasters

Song Name:  Down in Mexico

Composer:  Leiber-Stoller

Release Date: February 1956

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: R&B: 8

 This song done by The Coasters has a very cool feel to it. It also has a sly and unexpected feel to it because the listener is unsure as to what direction the song is headed in next. My overall rating of this song is fairly good because I enjoyed listening to it. I also liked the fact that it mentioned Mexico because it made me reminisce about the vacations I had down there which were really enjoyable. This song reminded me of when I went down to Mexico last year with my friends and there use to be a little musical group setup just outside the dining area. This group use to play songs with the word “Mexico” in it all the time. Moreover, this song speaks about how the Mexican experience is one life no other.

 Artist Name: Chuck Berry

Song Name:  Roll Over Beethoven

Composer:   Chuck Berry

Release Date: June 1956

Record Label: Chess

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 5 and R&B: 2

 Listening to this song sung by Chuck Berry makes me want to get up off my feet and just start dancing, due to the simple fact that it is such a feel good song. This song is what I believe true rock and roll should sound like because it gives one the feeling of wanting to dance ultimately resulting in the listener having a positive experience with the music. I think the main purpose of this song was for individuals to have a song which they can enjoy themselves by singing to the lyrics and dancing to the beat. Moreover, I enjoyed listening to this song because it put me in a cheerful mood which I believe is the best feeling a song could ever possibly give an individual.  This song has the power to change one’s mood which with every listener can slowly transform the world into a kinder and happier place.

 Artist Name: Little Richard

Song Name:  Lucille

Composer:   Richard Penneman

Release Date: April 1957

Record Label: Specialty

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 21 and R&B: 4

 From the beginning all the way until the end of this song there was a high energy which radiated through my speakers. Little Richard is such a powerful performer in that every song he performs gives the listener the desire to move their body in some way or another. The lyrics of this song deal with a man begging that his lover, Lucille not to leave him and that she return home from wherever she ventured off to. Despite the fact that this song has lyrics that are not particularly joyous or upbeat in nature, the overall feeling the song emits is very cheery and lively. I am positive that whoever was privileged enough to see Little Richard perform was never once let down because he looks like he puts on a fabulous performance.

 Artist Name: Mills brothers

Song Name: Queen of senior prom

Composer: Stella Lee, Jack Richards

Release Date: June 1957

Record Label: Decca

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 39 and R&B: 24

Just by reading the title of the song, I started to remember my prom in high school with all my best friends. This song is very soft and smooth, making it very easy to listen to and enjoy. The Mills Brothers talk about how time goes by so quickly and before you realize it, time has passed by leaving only memories. How even parents do not realize how fast time goes by and before they know it their little daughter is a teenager going to her senior prom. This is exactly how I feel, me and all my friends spent so much time and effort into that one special day and before we know it, the day is over. Today it is just a nice memory for us to look back on.

 Artist Name: Bobby Bland

Song Name:  Farther Up The Road

Composer:   Joe Medwick, Don Robey

Release Date: August 1957

Record Label: Duke

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 46 and R&B: 1

 The message of this song is one that is very close to my heart, and that I can truly relate to. The lyrics speak about the idea of an individual being treated in the same manner as they treat others, better known as the idea of karma. This song is mainly concerned with a man being hurt by his loved one. It also states that the man is warming his past lover that the horrible way in which she treated him will come back to haunt her. This could occur through some other man treating her in an awful manner. Therefore, while I was listening to this song I thought of the idea of revenge and also the fact that I truly believe that everyone will get what they deserve in the end. This is because I am a firm believer in the saying what goes around comes around. This song was able to confirm my thoughts on karma and that is why I found it to be such an amusing song to listen to.

 Artist Name: Ray Charles

Song Name:  Swanee River Rock (Talkin`Bout` That River)

Composer:   Ray Charles

Release Date: January 1958

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 34 and R&B: 15

 During the listening of this song by Ray Charles, it brought back thoughts of the time whereby a couple of my friends and I travelled to Mexico for two weeks without being accompanied by parents. One night while we were in Mexico eating dinner, we all began to speak about how visiting such a beautiful place such as Mexico was great by how there was absolutely no place like home. I can still remember the feeling of happiness and relief when the plane landed in Toronto because I knew I was finally home where my family resides and where I built my life. This song speaks about how one feels homesick when they are away from their hometown and most of all their family. I think everyone can agree that there is no place like home and when is far away from their home for a long period of time they experience of sadness.