Artist Name: Chubby Checker

Song Name: Pony Time

Composer: John Berry, Don Covay

Release Date: February 1961

Record Label: Parkway

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 1

This song by Chubby Checker brings me back to last year when I was enrolled in a similar music course, which went by the name of Rock and Pop. During one of our later classes this song was played and little did I know that that day would turn out to be one of the most daring days of my life. Before playing this song in class, my professor asked a few volunteers to come up to the front and join him to do the dance that goes along with this song. I raised my hand and I was one of the few chosen to go to the front and dance with the professor. As soon as the music began the whole class was excited and was moving in their seats, the dance to this song is easy to do because the lyrics dictate how to dance to the song step by step. I can only begin to imagine how much joy this song brought to the world when it was first released if it still has the power to bring so much delight to people nowadays.

 Artist Name: James Brown & The Famous Flames

Song Name: Bewildered

Composer: Whitcup-Powell

Release Date: April 1961

Record Label: King

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 40 and R&B: 8

 By the very first word that came out of James Brown’s mouth you could tell that this song was going to be a good one. The passion that he has when he is singing is incredible because he makes you want to sing along with him. The lyrics of this song are about trying to figure out why his love left him and he speaks about all of the sad feelings he is feeling because of this event.  He also sings about how his lover has yet to leave his heart and he is still trying to figure out why it did not work between the two of them. Furthermore, I liked the overall feel of the song because it was not too fast nor too slow, which in my opinion made it just the right speed.

 Artist Name: Ernie K-Doe

Song Name: Mother-In-Law

Composer: Allen Toussaint

Release Date: April 1961

Record Label: Minit

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 1

 The reason I chose to write an entry based on this song is because the song title intrigued me right from the start. I was curious to see what the song was going to tell the listener about his mother-in-law. Once I began to listen to the song I knew that the basis of the song was going to be about the singer`s negative feeling towards his mother-in-law. Throughout the song, Ernie K-Doe speaks about how his life would be much more pleasant if he did not have his mother-in-law in it. I found that I liked listening to this song because the content of the lyrics are very unusual and not typical of the times. Moreover, I think it was a courage move to sing about one`s mother-in-law because that would more than likely make the situation between the two worse off. I also think that this particular situation being sung about is more common then people would like to think.

 Artist Name: Ben E. King

Song Name: Stand By Me

Composer: King-Glick

Release Date: May 1961

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 1

 From about two seconds into the song, I was able to identify which song it was with ease. This song is well-known by the majority of the world and I have taken a liking to it ever since the first time I heard it. When listening to this song it reminded me of all my best friends. The reason this song brings up memories of them is because we all truly love the song from the meaning behind it. It is an excellent way of representing our friendship because we are always there for each other through happiness and sorrow. Furthermore, the song is a feel good song with a soothing touch. These feelings arise mainly because of the beat of the song as well as the passion in Ben E. King`s voice making the song that much more believable.

 Artist Name: The Pips

Song Name: Every Beat Of My Heart

Composer: Johnny Otis

Release Date: June 1961

Record Label: Vee-Jay

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 6 and R&B: 1

 The message of this song is about power of the devotion one can have for their romantic partner. The lyrics to this song speak about how the singers heart belongs only to one man, and everything that she does includes that man in some way or another, no matter what she is doing. Also, the beat of the song is slow but the strength in the singers voice makes the song a passionate one and ultimately a more meaningful one. My feelings towards this song are of a positive nature because I had an overall enjoyable experience with the song while I was listening to it. I hope to feel this devotion that the lyrics are explaining at least once in my life. I think when you do feel it, you finally found your true love.

 Artist Name: Bobby Lewis

Song Name: Tossin' And Turnin'

Composer: Ritchie Adams, Malou Rene

Release Date: July 1961

Record Label: Beltone

Chart Peak Position: Beltone

 This song performed by Bobby Lewis is a very upbeat and cheerful song. When listening to this song it automatically puts you in a better mood because of the sound of the song. The lyrics to this song talk about not being able to sleep all night long. I can relate to this feeling because I hate when you have a sleepless night because something is on your mind. In my personal case, I find it difficult to sleep when I am either stressed out with school or when there is a problem that has been troubling my mind. On the other hand, the singer of this song is not able to sleep because he has someone on his mind whom he cannot stop thinking about. Perhaps, the singer of this song finally fell in love with someone and as a result wants to think about her each and every minute of the day. I enjoyed this song by Bobby Lewis and I will definitely revisit it in the future.