Artist Name: The Jive Five

Song Name: My True Story

Composer: Eugene Pitt, Oscar Waltzer

Release Date: September 1961

Record Label: Beltone

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 Listening to this song by The Jive Five, I felt a mix of emotions. For the majority of the song, I felt sad because the lyrics speak about crying for the one you love. For the remaining part of the song, I felt happy because the lyrics spoke about the journey two lovers must go on ultimately creating their love story. This idea of love stories is very interesting to me because no two stories can be alike. Each couple has their own set of experiences and circumstances that make up their story, which make it unique and special. Furthermore, this song mentions that love has the power to make you feel numerous different feelings. Some of these feelings are as follows: excitement, sadness, joy and jealousy.

Artist Name: Eddie Holland

Song Name:  Jamie

Composer:  William Stevenson

Release Date: October 1961

Record Label: Motown

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 30 and R&B: 6

 I took a liking to this song by Eddie Holland from the very beginning. I liked the sound of the singer’s voice because it is extremely powerful as well as the catchy beat of the song. The content of this song involves the singer expressing his love and care for his lover, Jamie. This is obvious without even listening to the song because the title of the song is ‘Jamie’. He mentions how Jamie has the ability to make him glad, and he also states that he is proud to call Jamie his girl because she takes care of him. From this song, I can interpret that Jamie must be in love with the singer of this song as well because it seems as though she is always there for him. Therefore, it is quite clear that the driving force behind this song was love.

Artist Name: Lee Dorsey

Song Name:  YA YA

Composer:  Dorsey, Levy, Lewis, Robinson

Release Date: November 1961

Record Label: Fury

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 7 and R&B: 1

 During the listening of this song sung by Lee Dorsey, I was able to take the time to admire his voice because it is such an exceptional one. I have never heard a voice that sounds similar to his. I would describe the overall atmosphere of this song as playful and fun. I think this is the reason why I appreciated the song to the extent that I did. I always preferred good humoured songs because they would put me in a great mood. The lyrics of the song are about a man who is sitting there waiting for this particular woman to come visit. Unfortunately for this man, he himself does not believe that this woman will show up. As a result of these lyrics, I think this song is about the simple fact of life stating that just because someone is interested in an individual does not necessarily mean that individual has the same feelings towards that person.