Artist Name: The Contours

Song Name:  Do You Love Me

Composer:  Berry Gordy

Release Date:  June 1962

Record Label: Motown/Gordy

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 From the moment that I heard the start of the song, only two words came to my mind, Dirty Dancing. The reason those two words came to my mind is because this song was played in that movie, which happens to be one of my favourite movies of all time. I really liked the way the two main actors were dancing to this song, placing me in a joyful mood while listening it. The idea behind this song is that an individual was turned down because of the fact that he or she could not dance even if their life depended on it. All of a sudden, that individual can now dance beautifully, and he or she is wondering how that specific individual’s feelings altered about him or her. Therefore, this song confirms the lesson stating if you set your mind on something there are no limits on the possibilities that can arise.

 Artist Name: The Marvelettes

Song Name: Beechwood 4-5789

Composer: Gordy-Gaye-Stevenson

Release Date: July 1962

Record Label:  Motown/Tamla

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 17 and R&B: 7

 The lyrics of this particular song by The Marvelettes mention how it feels waiting for a man to come and ask you to dance with him. While listening to this song the setting of a beach party came to mind with a bonfire and a group of young teenagers dancing around, having a good time. The singers of this song are explaining how they want to be with a certain man and this song in a sense serves as the confirmation of their feelings for this man. Moreover, I can relate to this situation as the majority of young women and men can, because there were various times whereby I was interested in someone and I was patiently waiting for them to talk to me. I think this song is explaining a very common life experience that is shared amongst all human beings.

 Artist Name: Mary Wells

Song Name: You Beat Me To The Punch

Composer:  Robinson-White

Release Date: July 1962

Record Label: Motown/Tamla

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 9 and R&B: 1

 I found this song by Mary Wells to be quite interesting. It is a typical song that Mary Wells would sing. The song lyrics are about how a man asked her for her out before she could ask him out, which is also a typical situation at this time as it was way more common for a man to ask the woman out. Mary Wells didn't believe this and believes that a woman could ask out a man, which is a more egalitarian approach and common today. I personally have experienced this where I approached a man in a club and starting talking to him, he actually told me that he was surprised I went up to him and starting talking instead of waiting for him to start talking to me. He told me he liked this in a woman and we ended up dating for a long time.

 Artist Name: Barbara Lynn

Song Name: You'll Lose A Good Thing

Composer:  Huey P. Meaux, Barabra Lynn

Release Date: August 1962

Record Label:  Jamie

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 8 and R&B: 1

 This song is all about second chances, and the fact that once you receive that second chance, absolutely no more chances are available if you mess that second chance up. The lyrics of this song sung by Barbara Lynn are a warning to the man whom received a second chance. This warning is as follows; if you choose to mess up this chance you are given you will loose the woman forever, and the woman is an absolutely good thing. This song is a very slow song but I did enjoy listening to it because it was soothing. I felt the lyrics of the song were very real and authentic because I think many ladies across the globe can relate to being in this position.

 Artist Name: Little Eva

Song Name: The Loco-Motion

Composer: Gerry Goffin, Carole King

 Release Date: August 1962

Record Label: Dimension

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 1

 This song is a very popular song, it was a number one hit and is still playing on the radio and on television. I always hear my parents playing this song over and over again in the car and at home. This is still a very popular song and it brings many memories to me every time I hear it.  Furthermore, it is such a catchy song and you can just play it over and over without getting bored of it; not only were my parents listening to it when they were younger but even me and my friends would also listen to it when we were young, doing the specific dance to it. Listening to this song made me feel good because of the wonderful memories it brings to me. 

 Artist Name: Jackie Wilson

Song Name: Baby Workout

Composer:  Wilson-Tucker

Release Date:  February 1963

Record Label: Brunswick

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 5 and R&B: 1

 Listening to this song by Jackie Wilson, I came to like it a lot after listening to it a couple of times. The reason for this feeling is because at first I thought of a different meaning to the song but it is actually about a woman moving her body to the music. The reason I started to like it a lot is because it is not about love like every other song I have listened to.  It is a song about moving your body to the beat and that is exactly how you feel when listening to this song. Moreover, I think it is important that a positive message is being sent to people to just let loose, out your hand on you hip and work it to the music.

 Artist Name: Bobby Bland

Song Name: That’s The Way Love Is

Composer: Deadric Malone

Release Date: March 1963

Record Label: Duke

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 33 and R&B: 1

 Bobby Bland clearly explains the meaning of love and how woman are up and down depending on the day it is. However, the man understands that and accepts it because that is what love is about and love always involves good times and bad times. Every day is a different situation but that is just the way it is and you can take it like that or just leave it because that is just the way love is and it does not involve a good feeling.  This is a very sweet song with a lot of significance to it. Human beings are not perfect and there are always surprises because life has its ups and downs; there are many different ways people can express themselves and two people in a relationship have to be able to understand that and negotiate.