Artist Name: Dionne Warwick

Song Name: Anyone Who Had a Heart

Composer: Burt Bacharach, H. David

Release Date: January 1964

Record Label: Scepter

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 8 and R&B: 8

 I feel like this is a fantastic song to listen to because the lyrics entail so much meaning in it.  The melody of the song seems like it is a nice and relaxing song; however, she pours out so much emotion in the lyrics and through the melody. I believe that everybody feels the way Dionne Warwick is singing about one time during their life. She is singing about how she can give someone so much love but she doesn’t have anyone at the moment. She explains that she is very easy to be loved also; I personally felt like this not too long ago. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I felt that I can use someone and give them so much love and that they could love me just the same.

 Artist Name: Brenda Holloway

Song Name: Every Little Bit Hurts

Composer: Ed Cobb

Release Date: March 1964

Record Label:  Motown/Tamla

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 13 and R&B: 13

 After listening to this song, it is clear how Brenda Holloway feels about a man in her life; how he treats her really badly but doesn’t want her to leave him. She is in love with a man that does not treat her very nicely and she still stays in the relationship until she realizes it is not worth the pain and suffering he is causing her. This happened to a friend of mine until I made her realize that he is not giving her what she deserves since he was causing her a lot of pain; that the relationship was a game to him and no matter how much he really loved her, she does not need to be treated like that and taken advantage of.

 Artist Name: Dixie Cups

Song Name: Chapel Of Love

Composer:  Barry, Greenwich, Phil Spector

Release Date: May 1964

Record Label: Red Bird

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 1

 As soon as I heard this song, I realized that I have known this song since I was a little girl. This is a great song and it is clear why it made a number one hit. This song is still very popular today and is played everywhere. My parents use to listen to this song all the time and when I hear it, it brings back memories of when I was a very young girl. Now that I am older and I actually could understand songs better, I like it even more because of the lyrics.  The Dixie Cups sing about two people in love who are going to get married which brings much content to them.

 Artist Name: Solomon Burke

Song Name: Got To Get You Off My Mind

Composer:  Burke, Burke, Moore

Release Date:  April 1965

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 22 and R&B: 1

 This song by Solomon Burke has a nice beat to it because your body just starts swinging when you hear it. He talks about a girl he has to get off his mind and that this girl has found someone new so it is only a matter of time before he does get her off his mind. I can relate to this because when you have been with someone, they become a part of you and it is difficult to get them out of your head. However one you know they have moved on it is much easier for you to also move on because you now know they found someone else and it is time for you too also.

 Artist Name: Little Milton

Song Name: We’re Gonna Make It

Composer:  Barge, Davis, Miner, Smith

Release Date: May 1965

Record Label: Checker

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 25 and R&B: 1

 This song is very sincere because Little Milton is singing about how love will help to people get through a hard situation. No matter what the situation is, not having a job, not have money, not having a house, no matter what as long as you have each other you will make it through the problems and overcome them together. Love gives you strength and that is what helps you get through the hard times. This is a very sweet song that a lot of people can probably relate to because there will always be a hard time that the people around you will help you with. They help you and give you strength; this song is very reassuring and also gives people strength.

 Artist Name: Johnny Nash

Song Name: Let’s Move and Grove Together

Composer:  Unknown

Release Date: September 1965

Record Label: JoDa

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 88 and R&B: 4                               

 I think the ultimately purpose of this song is fun and enjoyment. The lyrics are pretty silly and do not make a whole lot of sense. I personally like songs like these because they allow you to dance and groove to the music without a care in the world. I could picture this song being played at a nightclub, while a large group of teenage boys and girls are dancing the night away. This is because the music makes you want to move your body. Moreover, I like the beat of the song because it is lively and will keep you moving for a long time. The voices of the singers in this song are very dominant and strong, which makes the song that much more enjoyable.

 Artist Name: Kim Weston

Song Name: Take Me In Your Arms

Composer: Holland-Dozier-Holland

Release Date: September 1965

Record Label: Motown/Gordy

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 50 and R&B: 4

 This song is very cheerful with an upbeat and gets people dancing as soon as hearing it. I like this song a lot because it gets me in a good mood just listening to the beat. It is also a very sweet song because Kim Weston sings about how she wants a man to hold her and she wants to be loved and overjoyed. A lot of women can sing to this song with meaning behind it because all women want to be held by a man and be loved by a man; someone who can take care of her and make her happy. It is a very interesting song with Kim singing at a perfect tone that you can sing along to and dance to.