Artist Name: Aaron Neville

Song Name:  Tell It Like It Is

Composer:  Davis-Diamond

Release Date: December 1966

Record Label: Par-Lo

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 2 and R&B: 1

 This is a very slow song with a lot of meaning behind it which I think catches people’s attention and that is why it was such a big hit. The lyrics of this song deal with a man expressing how great of a woman he has to the rest of the world. It seems as though he was trying to contain himself and not gloat about his girlfriend, but he just could not hold his feelings in. I guess his love for his girlfriend is just so strong that it took over his body and made him want to sing and shout about it to the rest of the world. I hope that I can always tell it like it is and tell the truth without getting caught up in anything.

 Artist Name: Bettye Swann

Song Name: Make Me Yours

Composer:  Bettye Swann

Release Date: July 1967

Record Label: Money

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 21 and R&B: 1

 Even before I listened to this song, I found the name of the song to be original. The song title also gave me the idea that this song was going to be a fun one. I think sometimes it is necessary to have bad experiences in order to truly appreciate the positive experiences when they come. Just as this song states, eventually a woman will realize that a man is not worth the pain if he is constantly treating her in a bad manner. While listening to this song, I just want to feel how Bettye Swann feels about a man.  Overall, I would love to listen to this song again in the future because it made me feel so good and I am sure it does the same to many woman.

 Artist Name: The Delfonics

Song Name: Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)

Composer: Thom Bell/ William Hart

Release Date:  February 1968

Record Label: Philly Groove

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 4 and R&B: 2

 This song is a slow love song and touches the heart of people. It is a song about how a man gave a woman his heart and he didn’t blow her mind and so she left him. I have had this happen to me, where a guy was very interested in me and thought I was on the same page as him but I wasn’t. We went out once and he thought he had me and that was it; that we were together but I did not feel the same way about him. This song reminds me about this and it touches my heart because he was a very sweet guy, however I was just not interested in him.

 Artist Name: Percy Sledge

Song Name: Take Time To Know Her

Composer: Stephen Allen Davis, Al Gallico

Release Date:  April 1968

Record Label: Atlantic

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 11 and R&B: 6

 This song starts off with a very sweet and sexual beat and melody however once Percy starts singing, it does not give the same effect to the song. I personally do not like this song because of how he is singing but I think if this song with the same lyrics were sung a different way about someone else, it would be a great song. I could barley sit through listening to this song once, I would not listen to it again and I would not recommend anyone else to listen to this song either. Percy Sledge has some good songs and I would listen to some other of his songs but not this one again.

 Artist Name: Hugh Masekela

Song Name: Grazing In The Grass

Composer: Harry Elston, Philemon Hou

Release Date: July 1968

Record Label: Uni

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 1 and R&B: 1

 While I was listening to this song, my body started getting into the song, just moving to the music. It has a very nice beat to it with a sweet melody that people can just sit around listening to it and enjoy it. This is the first time I heard the song and I would definitely listen to it again while I’m just sitting in my backyard with my friends enjoying the nice weather outside. Because I think of listening to this song sitting outside enjoying the weather, I always think of the nice weather when I hear it. This song therefore puts me in a good mood even if I am not in one already.  Hugh Masekela is really good at the instrumentals which makes the song as good as it is; I can understand why this song was such a hit and made it to number one on both charts.

 Artist Name: Johnnie Taylor

Song Name: Who’s Making Love

Composer:  Banks, Crutcher, Davis, Jackson

Release Date: November 1968

Record Label: Stax

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 5 and R&B: 1

 I think this is an awesome song and is very catchy. This song did pretty well reaching top 10 on the POP chart and number 1 on the R&B. My dad use to always sing this song and play it on the guitar, I never knew the lyrics but I would always start dancing to this song when I heard it because that is what it makes people do. Once I was older and actually heard and understood the lyrics, I realized that the lyrics are perfect for that type of beat. I always listen to this song because it gets me in a good mood and a party mood, just wanting to dance. I think that the beat is really what allowed this song to soar to the number one spot on the R&B charts because the lyrics are barely better than decent! However, it does possess all of the qualities of a number 1 hit; it makes people want to dance, has meaningful lyrics, and was sung by a well known band.