Artist Name: Tyrone Davis

Song Name: Can I Change My Mind

Composer:  Barry Despenza, Carl Wolfolk

Release Date:  January 1969

Record Label:  Brunswick

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 5 and R&B: 1

 This song by Tyrone Davis is a very smooth song, were people can just move their head to the beat. I recall listening to this song when I was younger at my best friend’s house because her father used to always listen to this song. This song is a catchy song and people can understand the lyrics where he left a woman and then wanted to change his mind and go back to her. This happened to me where I left a guy I was dating and then realized I wanted him back and that I changed my mind. This song has two different meanings in my life so depending on my mood sometimes I like listening to it and sometimes I don’t.

 Artist Name: Lou Rawls

Song Name:  Your Good Thing (Is About To End)

Composer: Isaac Hayes, Dave Porter

Release Date:  July 1969

Record Label:  Capitol

Chart Peak Position: Pop: 18 and R&B: 3

 Lou Rawls sings this song very good and I do not understand why it wasn’t a bigger hit than it was. Lou Rawls sings about how he doesn’t need this woman because he will find another one. He loves this girls so much but she is not treating him right so when he leaves her, her good thing which is him is about to come to an end. This song has a very strong meaning and message to it and is a very good song to listen to when you are in the same position as he is because it will help them overcome it as Lou Rawls did by trying to find another woman. He knows it will be hard to find someone else but the right girl will eventually come around and he will not say no to her.

 Artist Name: The Originals

Song Name: The Bells

Composer:  Gaye-Gaye-Gordy-Stover

Release Date:  January 1970

Record Label:  Motown

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 12 and R&B: 4

 This song makes me feel great about life in general.  After only the first 20 seconds of the song I had an enormous smile on my face.  I like movies that are based on loving couples and romance; moreover, this song possesses the same underlying meaning.  The artist is trying to portray the message that he loves someone so much that he will no longer hear the bells if they leave him.  I enjoyed listening to this song just as much as I love watching romantically based movies.  I feel that anybody who loves another as much as this artist loves his significant other is very privileged and should be happy about their life because many people do not have that benefit. 

 Artist Name: Johnny Nash

Song Name:  Cupid

Composer:  S Cooke

Release Date:  January 1970

Record Label:  JAD

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 39

 This song brought back memories of my childhood years when cupid played a large role in the celebration of Valentine’s day.  When I was younger I was lead to believe that cupid had the power to make any person fall in love with another; moreover, this song allowed me to remember these childhood thoughts.  I had a very loving feeling for several minutes after listening to this song because it helped me realize that love, and loving somebody else, are very important things that are sometimes overlooked due to the many modern day factors that keep us occupied; nonetheless, this song allowed me to take a step back from all distractions, and realize the importance of love. 

 Artist Name: The Delfonics

Song Name: La- La- Means I Love You

Composer:  Thom Bell/William Hart

Release Date:  January 1970

Record Label: Philly Groove

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 10 and R&B: 5

 I feel absolutely lovestruck when I listen to this song.  As I listen to this song I put myself in the artist’s shoes, and allow myself to imagine that I am in love with the same girl that he is speaking of.  The slow tempo of the song, along with the passion that the Delfonics express allow me to actually envision myself as part of the band that is singing about their love for a girl; the artists and the composer did a great job because I found myself listening to this song constantly for leisure after I was finished listening to it for the purpose of the assignment

 Artist Name: Dusty Springfield

Song Name: Silly, Silly Fool

Composer:  Gamble-Huff

Release Date:  February 1970

Record Label:  Philly International

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 76 and R&B: 30

 This song is great because nearly everybody can relate to it in one way or another.  It depicts an individual making a mistake and realizing her mistake after it was made.  This is one of the factors which I found to be attractive about this song because it allows individuals to parallel their own experiences to the ones in the song.  Although not everyone made the exact same mistake as Dusty made, the general idea follows through with many people.  This song is also great because it exemplifies the artist realizing her own mistake and addressing it rather than just brushing it off and forgetting about it like the majority of people do.

 Artist Name: Tyrone Davis

Song Name: Turn Back The Hands of Time

Composer:  Daniels-Thompson

Release Date: May 1970

Record Label:  Dakar

Chart Peak Position:  Pop: 3 and R&B: 1

 This song made me think about some of the things that I would do differently if I could turn back the hands of time; it also allowed me to think of what outcomes would have changed if I did those things differently.  I believe that the artist is trying to relay the message that he would do things better for his loved one if he could turn back the hands of time.  This song also made me think that not only one outcome would change if I did something differently, but a whole slew of outcomes would be altered if only one thing was done differently.  This song made me realize the importance of the decisions that I make because the majority of them will be irreversible; nonetheless, most of the outcomes are final because we cannot defy the dimension of time.